The Emergence of Gender Role Anxieties in the Weimar Republic

  • Sarah Fitterer


In response to Richard McCormick’s examination of the portrayal of male gender anxieties in film in Weimar Germany, this article examines the evolution of the patriarchal identification of masculinity in Weimar Germany, with a particular focus on various social factors that contributed to the development of the sense of uncertainty about the role of German men that McCormick examines in cinematic media. Beginning with the Great War and its influence on frontline troops, the article continues on to examine psychological and economic forces that undermined the traditional idea of male identity as a separate phenomenon from the emergence of the modern, liberated ‘New Woman’ in Weimar society.
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Fitterer, Sarah. 1. “The Emergence of Gender Role Anxieties in the Weimar Republic”. the Ascendant Historian 2 (1), 28-39.