The Perpetual Paradox: A Look into Liberian Colonization

  • Christina Spicer


Liberia is often perceived as the oldest independent black republic on the continent. This paper will challenge this common perception by taking a deeper look into Liberia’s unique colonial history. By analyzing the experiences of both the ‘coloured’ settlers and the pre- existing indigenous population, it is evident that the ‘coloured’ colonization of Liberia was not a nationalistic return to their home soil, but rather an opportunity for ‘coloured’ settlers to establish a system imitating the one by which they were previously oppressed. Although Liberia’s settlers had similar skin tones to the indigenous population, Liberia has followed a path remarkably similar to the process of European colonization experienced by the rest of the continent. 

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Spicer, Christina. 2016. “The Perpetual Paradox: A Look into Liberian Colonization”. the Ascendant Historian 3 (2), 36-52.