Tolkien: Enchanting a Secular World

  • Daniel Vlitos


This paper outlines the methods J.R.R Tolkien used to create a modern mythology for England. Tolkien’s life and religious views are discussed to illustrate how the esteemed writer used a combination of Christian doctrine and pre-existing ancient mythology to create a fictional medieval universe. The inspiration for this work was the theories of twentieth century German social theorist, Max Weber, and his belief that as the Western world became more secular, it would become “disenchanted.” The author uses the theories of thinkers such as St. Augustine of Hippo and Friedrich Nietzsche to argue that Tolkien’s created world serves to enchant a secular West and that secular and religious individuals alike can draw moral guidance from this created mythology. 

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Vlitos, Daniel. 2016. “Tolkien: Enchanting a Secular World”. the Ascendant Historian 3 (2), 112-30.