Rebel with a Cause: The Rise of Réne Levésque

  • Kathryn Lebere


In 1976, the Parti Québécois won a majority in Quebec under the leadership of René Lévesque. Short of stature, balding, and with a cigarette in hand, Lévesque seemed like an unlikely personality to become premier at first glance. However, by embracing Quebec nationalism and remaining determined through times of hardship, Lévesque was able to prove himself as a politician. Through the analysis of his political career from 1960 to 1976, it becomes clear that Lévesque rose to power because of the reputation he fostered in Jean Lesage’s cabinet, the decision he made to leave the Quebec Liberal Party in 1967, and the changes he made to the Parti Québécois after the 1974 election.
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Lebere, Kathryn. 2018. “Rebel With a Cause: The Rise of Réne Levésque”. the Ascendant Historian 5 (1), 78-86.