Nuns in the Kitchen: Conventual Cuisine in Colonial Latin America

  • Pascale Halliday University of Victoria


In examining the cuisine of convents in colonial Latin America, one also investigates the complicated racial hierarchy and rules the colonial authorities imposed, and the ways that lived experience often differed from these guidelines. From the debate over the use of tortillas in the Eucharist to the attempted regulation of chocolate during fast days, the diet of nuns clearly had larger significance than mere sustenance. Examining the conventual kitchen and the women who worked and ate there offers insight into the ways that colonialism and enslavement impacted Latin America during this era, illustrating the way that our basic needs are often charged with much more significance than we realize.

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Halliday, Pascale. 2021. “Nuns in the Kitchen: Conventual Cuisine in Colonial Latin America”. the Ascendant Historian 1 (March), 35-43.