Global Algorithm 1.2: Out There Having Fun in the Warm California Sun

California is the dissipating structure of analytic logic replaced by magick as mediated by engineering. Three feet off the ground and rising, the rest of the world rests its weary chin on our shores, gazing upwards. Critiquing. Swooning. Wishing it could come here to surf the silicon waves, fuck the silicone babes, or be swallowed up in some Mansonoid blood-red neon desert.

Reporters come and go. They find an adolescent 75-year-old philosopher king preparing to have his head cut off and preserved on ice. But before going, he would like you to know that "when the nervous system can be used at Einsteinian relativistic speeds, the passive limitations of the nervous system itself become apparent."

California is on the edge of a tremendous nervous breakthrough. Some of you are jealous.

European and eastern bohemians could never really embrace the psychedelic experience. It's not history that haunts them so much as the toilet training of classical education - the structures of credibility. California - INcredible home of Disneyland, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and LSD culture hasn't merely UNmade history, it's flattened time. From our vantage point, we look forward as easily as we look backwards.

This doesn't necessarily make us nice or happy. It does tend to make us permissive, but it can be the permissiveness of a cowboy lynch mob that is mutating via some mix of tabloid vulgarity and mediated sophistication towards replicating the international outlaw occult recklessness personified by the weirdo freaks who surrounded Hitler in Germany.

But it doesn't have to be. From my time zone it's obvious that we are constructing the digital equivalent of the DMT experience. Soon, all of the information in the universe will be mainlined directly into your nervous system. Trust me on this. You have a choice. You can either become an information processing machine, or you can become an orgasm. In other words, Wired versus Mondo 2000 - for all eternity.

The future, my cultured friends, is the direct interaction between the nervous system and the information system. The formerly interior terrain of thought and memory will be exteriorized. It will begin at our fingertips. Our experiences - far from being disembodied - will be one of direct bodily reception. The spinal chord/brain as antenna.

Don't be left behind. Here in California, there are many flavors of atavism to choose from. Look for the one that promises a breakthrough in the grey room. Nothing up our sleeves. No strings attached. This is what you've been waiting for.


R.U. Sirius is one of the founding editors of Mondo 2000 and the co-author of How to Mutate and Take Over the World.