SOS...scream outta solitude

fratricide is homocidal pride in taking father on a frantic ride
'cos on the day to rest he created incest & showed conscience the way west
& the pus eddies deep inside the vomit-face
they) wrung out body-waste.hunger-strung entrails snake on a gasoline-drum (beheaded)
atop a judgement-fire's brazier.slavish drool & mucus drop in garnish the lavish set.
(eve's shamed daughter cools her flame until there's cold where it's wet)
the beast's belly is constipated.
'say grace & let us eat' says urchin to archangel face where paradise is etched in.
they take a taste.
force-for-sense blasts outta calvary (life should never be a cross...who was born?)
opposite enola gaye on the third day the tomb shut forever on the maternity-ward.
the hippie grasshopper? watch it grow into micro-chip-chopper teeth on strife
cyber-warrior on the bogged down in mechanistic formulae anti-life.
hack into the PAIN-frame & the slack catch flak call up technology is but/t analogy
back-pack meet you beyond the minced-WORD...
jacked in PORTAL combat.
sinner stand in mortuary-to-obituary relation.agog at the hog (vision a grill)
vegan to pork-pie midline church/synagogue & morgue i mean
between starvation & a meal the scriptures burn.
whiskers grow aerial out yr ears that why you lie to yourself
think swimming in yr own urine makes you aquatic
(no kid,he's a bastard/busted kidney)
rhymes on the pestle make yr auditory hairs bristle.
desert storm in the TASCAM pyramid scam
(no sad melody in dead memory)
throw down on FOSTEX take it thru (customs)
sand-forest to FOREX
war machinery oil-factory keeps society's wheels turning towards its own destruction
(rise from apoplexia to ascend to dementia)
putrefaction-perfect what salvation-light reflect hypnagogic
every mikkle a hard diddle mek trickle-down-to-bloodpuddle-
effect in torn ventricles between turd & dungbeetle
non-alignment means shit-wall balance
wind/bullet/bomb will determine stance
fall up frontline or rearguard but never land on the run
(where do you stand/bend/bendstand?)
US & THEM was never theorem
(they soak up sperm)
neither peace-measure nor piss-censure
what drops in the (screw-) top (spew-) pop-pours out the bottom
wealth's senses ferment in lipid-barrel
moron is lost in his own axon
cemented in his pretentions

SOS...scream outta solitude2

creamy eyes watch dreamy lies criminalise by poverty (where) justice's scales clamp shut
& objection lies inanimate in the animal court
(no such as a human race but what's on the class-face finance will equivocate
triple-beam futures weighed crack-to-bone & the ghost given up post-dated)
green songs' disuse abrogated on corrugated tongues
(the chlorophylled shrivel to emptiness)
the VOID wins always even when it coughs up perforated lungs...culprits created
culled from the abjection-fated elements come in confluence mated jammed into space
(vein-trail to runaway brain smashed against the obdurate ignorant)
gory hallucinated glory intrigue comes over soldiers' minds when they succumb to fatigue?
(ESHUN what deity's hell to tell when shell itself is in shock...illusions disintegrated)
spirits skeletal talk breaking under putrid flesh-loads at the jesused cross-roads
(testicular-mouth's sermon)
'rule over these sheep' poet in black hoary insinuated leviticus voice in wounds
where jerusalem's sun bled god-choice....& benediction came in applause...
revelation is AMEN on a white horse.

writer's block so projectile-in-the-temple's resultant mess
was poet's verses written posthumous
(sixes-&-sevens fallen accumulated in haiku formation)
the day hollowed earth became hallowed ground (the) maggots moved mandibles
around nothing in protest without sound.

psycho-valentines' cupid on the hunt with poisoned darts
witness the heart's mutilated parts/
palpitations where love declares itself in fart-series spurts

oppression hangs a historical apostrophe as the twelfth apostle waves blood-on-the-cassock
(& on baas' cock) for trophy.the podium does the abyss.

'grime tittilates ' is redundant con septic
old titty lactates...skimmed milk.saniflush & fly-whisk it.carbolic.

packed card deck (they) beat the politic-climate back
shuffle weathers f/lying across economic hemispheres
speak wiry praises thru spine-tied beaks...perversity peaks in devil-hound shrieks
(recognise conflagrate baptism.
satan canine howls the substance from its master's jowled intent)
beyond rabies' redemption recast curse upon this canaan (water meant to bless came foul
in a tumbled vaginal wall)

choice is the universe...still self-mutilated sleaze-hag in backyard abortion time...
baby strangler is holding a tea-party
(mama's in the mangler munching down jeers with arsenic cake)
the pee-pot steams vermin on vein-slit neon street corners
worms round & flat congregate (goners among the animate)
stream out bowels backyard-alley-split rectums climb up innards to the high-rise
skid rowing on lymph where arms open their charms ripen (nymph's on the cross-dresser
ready to flash thighs gateways to the hot-flesh wallet insert cold cash to equalise)
punting a butchered cheerleader season good-willie-hunting 'terrorists' in pubic bushes.
perfume gushes but the corpse still putrefies.
anus itches (nervous twitches)
gloved hand reaches grenade up deep in a finger-stall
renegade weep when (the) call is made
ticking time to when debts are paid...the whore-maid is laid.

'cat-eyes' is a crap outlook but hooked up otherside you lie down on rail-tracks
pop them between need's fingers where the bleed-scent lingers long after the dice-roll stops.

was fire-on-the-mountain arson or obese senile slimming exercise?
[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]
douche sanitary pads for reuse likewise prophylactics or resort to a raincoat...
there's a storm out.& in. lose the cosmetics.
[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]
liquid limbs coming off a burnt joint.instant mathematics & expert in classics.
tongue oil to anoint the angelic/angel-licks.crawling in crevices for the holy-entry-point
(services) but it's in the flesh-seams fire-sword cut thru the stitches to where the system
screams in itches...but the plug's pulled you can't connect.(they conspire to drive you mad
who was in on it? flashing assassin eyes)
days fluctuate but some stay in the highs & even when they hit lows it snows on the nose.
& you? nothing to show but time ticks & it's clocked...the slaveship has docked.

soul in shredder might emerge as cheddar but won't fill the negropolitic pocket.
flatulent hades lets out a rocket blast...peace at last but 'never again' is a forever refrain
for mista curdled brain.

dreadlocked poodles with manicured doodles
(gone pork before the sticking
a lard rain is going to fall in swallow back puking)
battle-day (they) won't even be a shit-stain
(that's manure at a rectal stretch...they fart-wave fan-tails)
just broken plastic nails & baby-poo-scented slime-trails
kugel-blasted where (their)seed goes corrosive/rusted to synthetic waste...
from arse-fixated to asphyxiated is minute italicised & bunny-eared dick's distance.

decameron yield across a watermelon field.
'you are not like all the rest' cums with a bonus.
what subverts is cooptation subject.silence sworn.
they swing-rap on a cunt-strap.
(jaws-of-strife yawn)
dozy off fermented pussy-juice
(catch it in a chalice.dry out & roll it in a blunt.stoned-'n-cherried crews pass the kouchie)
nothing sharp-sting between wolf & lamb playing a david-jew's harp.

devil-concubine's vaginal cup overflows.
walk this damnation undefined/defiled unintelligible pure beyond imbecile
(all true LOGIC is TRAGIC?) sacrosanct
before anal meant original annulment
purchase souls lost at pentecost
fear comprehension comes with containment
between sociopath & baragwanath consciousness...
high culture means violinist tweaking intestines.
electrified testicles climax in vas/t deferential shock treatment
power-coursing thru fallopian tubing beneath guppie gutters/garters
it's electro-ROCK therapy for the hip-harpy

got the BLUES coming out the cock
see the rectal hairs stand ERECT

late-stage capitalisted for turd-world debt
menses-encrusted rag dusted out pretensions
(his) scrotum a dolly-busted bag weight-slung over the shoulder
black sissy-farce/sissyphus set to 'payback' the boulder
& the vultures wait.
'sweat of thy nut-sacks' requires compensation....

grave bed.children buried.tombstone headboard.
& the robbers came.necrophiliac.

bizarre back-flip
the needle blew the circuitry
just check its herpes-lips...
rat to lab-test
with cervical porridge to ingest
syringe -conceived strange children on uterine sustenance...

butt crack crusted purulence invaded
where cut-&-track pervaded
WARNING: ( i rage-rub lightning into a stalag-tight dub for a glacial age)
take you on a vinyl spin there's no cum-back make yr deposit?
it's yr shit-bomb sit on it

fake the music NEVER the spirit
what do you get? a torso-turn without feet
the dance-floor is haemophyliac
lynch-law utility for profit
(at the pederast pulpit they cross-mark the illiterate
call it alternative-educated)

what? created the monster & it mastered him?
that's plastered thin scratch in the groove
& reveal doctor rumpelstein...
leviathan isotope in another dimension's incarnation...

SOS...scream outta solitude3

the affluent make catapults from sliced penises.get phallus looped over the uterus
beyond condom-minimum relations & come from here to uranus (when) hoops to jump thru
are winter-locked anus rings (unrelated to saturn) outerspace sonic bang to earthlings.

pity the witless jehovah's witness choked with the nun's panties. he had a pansie's habit.
(should have known 'dismount prematurely' does not guarantee a discount)

when typhoon hit it's a balloon.
way she held the condom made it a rostrum
'you are on the lectern to learn'
sexcised poetry is a fucked amputee

dawn's crimson set detonate a gun-fest. boom-burst heads tattoo the pavement
(the human wall has a dent)
could emit flames out the slit.soused on stench no sweat could drench thirst none'd quench.
(took fire-brigade to wrench out) extinguisher went impotent. coming in a chariot out the
cauliflowered helmet (sick regurgitated false pedagogic) pounced on it bounced but back
in freak ricochet on amps leaving bum-prints & venereal-discharged stamps (with) muscle
power to constrict a boa brought down the tower to wimp with cramps where piss should sit.
i had to go seminal to douse it.& left ash on the clit.

'no dope-shot in the junk-shop' is a fish-smell filth-line for the porcine.
when amber-arse & embarrass are the same pronounce pawn as 'eating prawn
from a spermaritime-flooded puss'....

feel sentient beyond sentinel on murder-capital/capitol-hill.
spear sentiment & spare the diaphragm.
they) float in as carcasses bloat transient disloyal en-route to other deaths
in battles royal/mortal.

they removed all thought (-traces) but left prints all over the skull-wall.
press 'recall' (or is it 'recollect') & get them caught.

enarmoured should be 'ready for attack' & not 'on yr back howling down the shaft
to a cheesy-moon-breast'

the X affront with deep de-composition.
What the HIDDEN sign mean to the cabal scene
different from the cabral symbol this heathen's seen
grated at the knee bowed to unknown gods.
infiltrated the 'crossed out' darkness illuminates...?
that why the cloaks AFTER the secrecy?

SOS...scream outta solitude1

(post-this post-that post-everythingyougot is a muta misquote...)
summer surfing on baby blood
winter ski on infant bones become sawdust
& autumnal bodies fall OR plucked off trees
then to the font for youth beatrice
get the old life-fluid drained
time to refresh/replenish the spring
it's all yummy to the mouth but bummy how my tummy goes runny down sunny south

whose bottom is a bell hitched up her corset
prevail upon to fail: mozambique a bleeding stump in a septic tourniquet
angola concrete-cast against concussion...then the explosion left holes in the western pocket
no economic-sense to be made (they) packed up the monetary first aid kit & jetted
across the spectrum tallied up those who'd betted
(freedom's world had a quorum & that's the conundrum)
the burst-out-kid slid in all directions when football became boom-bang after the fidget
brain-hanging is what basket-ball left the drummed-on head exploded left a speck on a neck
(who was born?)

air rushing in where the hairbrushing should be. they called him hothead.
quest for low temperature pushed down the pressure.
rain falling on brain does not lead to the maggots plough.
harvest before the rebirth...'we got jason COOL'

salt-burst vocal surge
conflict between inflicted wounds & convict existence in revolt
birth-breaking stink hits coming down from the attic in reverse levitation
(power magnetic ambition propulsion) to talk on the mild side (vegetation station)
when enemies & allies sound the same credit becomes merit-card
(they have walking refuse-bags from hog-sag farm in elevation)

hit hard- mineral-core (as orthodoxy's fundamentals)
blood in & out springs ore
milk entrails amid nerve spirals out the dark continental orifice

robotic love...split perception gauze slammed on mental wounds
revulsion's exultation makes it gain importance

difference between enslavement & service does not spell diplomatic
call it compromise what you lobotomise corrupt the abstract peonise the mystic

(write as i truly want none would understand)
tangent off to a different planet (than) skunk-exist by societal dictates
(dicks&bones WILL break yr stones to pulped punk state until you menstruate out the anus
nothing to retain but step in the sulker-line...the supamix is iscariot's...)
resent presents forever locked in pasts (where) human animal stunted in evolution-machine
(who's on the revolution-mission?)
indellible as it's inedible still sharks will bite snitch sublimate bitch got the itch to mate
migrate south (where) principle is rectal gospel & speech dips in the faecal well.

SOS2...scream outta solitude

(thaw out the southern heart see what'll float...dried-out cunt)
flesh on the wire-mesh the mic killed the chant
WORD amplified to fart no respite from the brain-hunt

butt-up against the cut they gut the ART
vampires at the quote's throat
(in) seditious disguise sex up syntax
languish arse-open in (a) language prison
(a million visions perish on censorial pyres)
for sacrifice behold the man-goat
grab the centuries'venereal discharge in new-born snout
flow chamber-potty in orchestral halitosis
scamper canonised down the master-staircase
(those droppings are not cesaire's)
divine fruit from swine-root?
POET's long march from pariah status to fashion statement

period padded in REED waves paranoid (what's the length?)
mental slaves bleed (skull split sole slit walk on bone) deep rub
acid turd on alimentary rip-trip lead strength on arrival (all hail
who prevail smite who fail) between WRIT & RITE the 'civilised' terrain
burden become destiny to manifest (carnival BARK to
cannibal slurp foetal brain desert to rain nourishment to some it's dessert

chaplin routine no clown he's subversive laughter rippling out sorrow
as yr flanks shake so he takes the shanks stripping you down to marrow
it's situation degenerative...

body-flight but spirit's confined in the basement soul arraigned for debasement
(throttled with its own intestines) fist to jaw (locked) line up fish genetic modified
to hook marine toxic (steady) crying into a limpet-pillow limp tears drop on a booby-rap

stigmata glue veneration dregged pig-dripping drain-fare
on pilgrimage to truth saint lunatic gives patronage

scratch surface get dirt on the face pull flesh-drapes & scrape barrel bottoms
for faecal expression comes in hot air pressed out between fat cheecks
(from diarrhoea to flatulence is progress)
rhyme-born in sulphuric toss & turn towards a cipher-burn
nuclear egg hatch hear the hen cluck tally off last batch heads couldn't duck
writing pad never sanitary but necessary the pen bleeds page got to catch the drip
before the haemorrhage
humiliate to annihilate in relaxed conscience excess inspiration (has) brains in recline
minds on recess caught behind (the) tourist-bus on slime-travel morals stuck in chorals
heart & mind quarrel hump crouching over a squirrel's rump
switch fall skin sizzle stench hover above bestial semen-pump
trip from electro- to aroma- non-therapeutic but crawl below cover
(broken bottle up anus makes sharp sense)

SOS3...scream outta solitude

flayed flesh paraders soul-traders
(flip the cross-fader from holocaust to genocide
& notice the cost drop beneath the human radar
as corpses defrost)
hole-in-the-sky crusaders hustle by holy vessel spirit merchant ship
launched off an orgasmic christ's lower lip

the bell tolls to hell the false but who heeds the missiled shells' calls
except mista greyballs?

prostrate tongue rolls dung into throne on the lowest rung
even pain exclamation is epic treason project
on tier where silence is survival object

hurtle across cadaverous heavens perpetrate evil wrapped in civil bait
perpetuate a miracle-myth in god-wrath totenschiff-worth
they value death whose faith is a cloth-article
to the hill with debate got will to subjugate
golgotha-time kill question brought to heel...
sloth in the virgin-birth

both hangman & executee emerge cold malodourous from liquid metal valleys
climb gaseous mountain-spines slipping on innards suckled on poisonmammaries
where perverted canines scorpion-sinting sing mortality into SWEET being...
'this is OUR THING...narcotic...pass the cannabis'

('hope is eternal long as no rope is evil'
'tell that to neck-in-the-noose...
hear it crack cum loose')
gone to dominion lies beyond this
,build a toy-world for my muddled child'
that's god thru the klux hiss
shame beneath the hood placed blame on nail-to-wood
created a christ crossed with a kiss

myriad righteousness' sores spew out a deluge as rock-to-brain makes a cerebral puddle
got to dive for deepest blood-ties spurt forth noah-wise from this anal flood bowel-purge...

SOS...ultimate scream outta solitude (decade/nt portraits)

middle-night pin-optic needle-bite shivers' venom-sight
get me away from these hate eyes
crocodile's gorge emotion forges nipple-clamps from dead dentures
(,you are what you excrete' it's a pedestal where souls sit in ultimate defeat
licking chops bloodied in tussles against matter)
sluice gurgle innard-laughters emanate from shattered sides rattle mental rafters
unseat/expose pride hidden where swamp flesh strips on reflex

verbal cannon in full-juice-spurt/news-at-nine form
,hide this white ash in yr caboose?'
from ,coast is clear' to ,yr name is toast' in a prostate -gland's tic
the) judas-finger that pointed was prosthetic in a velvet glove
(takes tablet-twos the marked & the informant
loam-joy from home boy)

contempt for the bought stump-prompted
comptroller-programmed to jump/hump on auto-cue
,participatory democracy should be tautology'
,consult & get insulated (together we are con-voluted)
unilateral is despotic,comrade'

priest caught fornicating with a cat-pit's creature-
when he ejaculated it freaked sunk claws in his crotch.
the deal was: ,spill thy seed on the ground...onan-contract'

lindela's switched bodies electric twitched hydrant loose
open abdomen cunt stitched shut unnamed love splinter lodged in sphincter

the saints go munching in morality tail on fire miasma flow
nuns eaten out their buns laid on the cross call it crucisex
twisted fist to rosary flick-wrist splat wet twat straining against cobwebs
bow where the lord-dong wept semen traces a snake-path to holy places

smut weapons wild shame suffering came in sand stuck urethral in viagra bonds
bent boys & girls meat hooked on choppers angels in bondage humility clouds restraints
prayers sent out into polluted space to junkie-gods on the nod

mister spirits methylated in ethical combat with arterial puke went contravenous-
against the vein- coming off the blue train
(write in the laxative stream to detox the system)
cretinous grin reveals shit-between-colgate-teeth irony
viral president is nyash-hot power-addict say ,dick-head is pepper-pot'
get knocked on the skull ,is anybody home?' ,give you a bloodpool for yr column
mista journalist cool yr colon' caught in booze-virile syndrome kaffir-klapped
his sister out from under old righteous burden reverend perm-thunder-roll
now all that remains is an oil-rig jam-stain says ,beg you the crease between yr legs is grease
for these old joints' is that senior citizen's wizened pleas OR geriatric antique antics?

SOS...scream outta solitude postcript

delirium tremens manifest in tantrum tremours coiled twat
runaway child gunning wild NOT jack's splat with jill's spittle
snare to tell the truth now fibbers got the jibbers
snakes give you the shakes? Never pulled the teeth no need...
bloated mistake
now the cobra's inside auorora one neck swell where the other crack
(balls on full-deflation weight what's the sexchange rate?)

soldiers with plastic limbs' spastic warfare gore-fair suck life-slavings
thru a nasal straw stuck thru the dome they sip & sweep out all struggle signs
"marleen take spleen" "that dildo-head have you put it in?")

promise/ideal still-born in static reception dead on inception
ideology aborted between conception & legislation by political tramps
meat-head new nation in (warped) cartoon-strip time-travel
from embryo to biltong
pushed 'history-erase' button
now fungroids get climactic on superfice in singrowth towards a cataclysm

aryan blather-mood ham infection pig disease race contagion

battling my religion since blood baptism
played chicken & went down for hen-slaughter

filth-speckled the seventh devil's schwein disciple
slid out cuntal-canal schwanz-first amid demon heckles-
time the stars were tar-brushed out

violence-sheen sun sparked out state gots its olden gates tripe-twist-locked
against hungerbellysplit-othermoonsidespun-loveprophet away from home
(sound clunk-eeky-mousy? give me head-&-cheese & i'll sqeak to please)

correctional cervixes they call prison
juvenile...what? you can buy cleverness bent over the counter when i encounter it
i run to the toilet juggling burnt nuts fire-blown by a queen-dragon
the health minister's contraceptive...that's naai prerogative

stop chewing yr gums around my penis mental cripple
(i put superglue there just for you) run home to moms for the dummy-nipple...
mista piss-pants got to slow his wetabolism

canned (sausage) re-usable latex fastest cunt alive pull & squeeze
snuggle-pus watch the pus freeze framed in flight-fright
get the sick-sics headbutting freak geeks (that's NOT head-to-butt for yr ignorant anus
meaty-bone trainwashed onto the people's platform)

toxic pocus disguised as apocalyptic focus falsity-ennervation
spectacle take over inner-vision (in outer-) wisdom deactivation
sorcerer's wand what the the blood-cup sits on (the shamplate) & lifeless bod applauds
probe for POD-people is xenophobe-code jingoism science-fictionalised pre/con-servative

when stroke becomes poke coalman stokes the liar in the fire ("hell is naked lunch table")
the stock is human in the cellar what they call bottom-dollar is rape-ripped-to-gaping orifice
scrape at the fartifice watch the scheisse drop from greatness' heights
(where) they give awards for peace to disease

am i auto-didactic?
well...stupidity is ethereal the cerebral seep out in brain-torture
medullaed from here to a nebula
fretless but bass ball/bawl-cries deep in imagination's dungeons

falling outside the womb seen devouring his own placenta...
pathological predatorial tendencies deceased & resurrected before birth
(the earth always gets its own hear it call) drunk on his own amniotic fluid
(did it have a toxic waste taste?) sail across seas on lie-winged waves slave-teeth had his
buttocks torn before the previous death when he jackal-ate his foetal-blanket in satanic
contract opposite the ancients...
now gout in his call-out dead-dread ground to the monkey-money pound
sucked out scavenged names drop drycleaned from his lupine snout...

coffin for the chocolate muffin crumbs twelve feet down fit for two make up for the piglet fat
no sweat the gibber-fear's got it frozen open up the oven i'll drop a tear on its giblet
watch it evaporate (toss in a snot/snort seasoning for the corporate)
the apricot rots in the baby-cot hour of the cheap boast call up the ghost-w/rite power
& parasite meet THE HOST...
see its amulet bears my brand told it remain hidden don't come out (get it?) until bidden
(its habit is to marvel toss its salad all over the carpet bring the castor oil let's see the soil)
so now bang the devil/gavel get it sold wait get it behind the master-plaster.

orlando west,soweto-born nomad (tramp would be closer to the point)
poet,novelist,plawright & essayist.

horns for hondo,1990
talking rain,1993
blue v's,1998
the bavino sermons,1999
the second chapter, 2003

the HALF ranthology,2002

fanon's children
sundry collabos