All moist life is inside now. Dark oases of banks, hotels,
restaurants, avid hearts. Valves open, glass doors sluice
heavily inward all hours day and night vegetal interiors
-- we are consumers. Sudden biologic air light water.
Tendrils of machinery alleviate the body, green plants florescent
liquids circuitries of oxygen nutrients through skins of semi-
human buildings, tubes wires electric cells inside walls
pump what is left of earth from a deep place into our
veins. From the ice of mental systems into our final
Terrariums, aquarium fish enjoy the same
ambience (if plunged in a desert of fire, enact careers
on the surface of Mars). This is how it feels.
Clocks, all coordinates of time and space
intersections of philosophy metallurgy famine sex
become this place. Watery exchanges of money, historic
lips hands palms genital intellect and soft pulses of
bodies doing business. Little sweats of laughter. Your
interchangeable face
Almost among rainforest of planters wooden
boxes automatic drip salad bars, euphoric negative ions
stainless coffee coca chrome. Something feeds, that
mysterious gut. Deliver us, from thirst from depths
complex artificial suckt and pumped Inside terminal
flesh; breathe see swallow urine spit shit (even us).
This is how bodies are kept alive

a girl works here junction StMarys Interstate 10 open
24/7 burger hotdog cheese fries egg&sausage muffin bagels
microwave and deepfry racks of jumbo platter dawn
noon midnite factory preprepared coleslaw jello bun
boxes coffee 3 sizes drinks straws napkins salt&pepper
sugar mustard catsup relish tomato salad onions
floor mop the drink bar spills of icetea cola fresh salad
bar spray plants wipe tables ice crush supply smile
locals and travelers there are no seasons directions hours
breakfastlunchdinner one continuous hunger & thirst
the fire of flesh(day)the electric night
they enter
from air so thick it is swallowed, dust oil saliva
craving coke, cherry pie. a simulation of clarity the
friendly menu of comfort a desert mirage as target
tattooed on the inside of eyelids
so one begins
working midnite to 8 shift then switch, days at the speed
of skills a job low wages tips but cool air almost fresh
scenery paycheck minus meals uniforms (olive/pink)
supplied 2 bathroom breaks w/dehydration
To service and maintain.
a pilgrim film crawls station to station bloody
appendages the terrible mileage truckers salesmen
insomniac killers all one road give them water some
do not afford airconditioning some do not sleep inside
the world,inferno dreams walk thru doors sweating various
scenarios unlimited caffeine,fluorescent refills the family
in the next booth will not survive the next horrible hour
of our journey enjoy yr food an ancient swamp once
squatted here alkies junkies almost tetrapods lone demented
types who talk to Death foam at the mouth who fornicate
trees These are characters you don't need to know as
they are soon gone. Mormons students wheelchair
bagladies Those who exchange body fluids for rent Those
who exchange body parts for God there is one trained
in junglewarfare carries knives inside him hisses&writhes
about killing something. pimps and other primeval
forces deploy this thought
it is all contained in
ambient light, you are serene among the carnivore
teeth of extinct species splashed on walls, faces of their
instant children who do not emerge from cars,uteri,the family
foodpack squeals and runs among us Patrons must
believe they are served workers must strive to exist for
all come and go and feed and disappear a new girl
sponges up red pieces. become familiar unit among,eons
biotropic units then personnel change another who looks
the same then another and another a boy seems similar
a girl a boy the interchangeable diets of meat except
one is yellowhair then black then brown or taller or plump
or severe behind glasses now and then
To serve and clean
if it is a Theater of cruel things, animal shrine
ritual gut center of world imploding by Doom it feeds
those who enter something nicer than money,the
repetitions of death in happy colors. outside windows as
magnified eyes see dinosaurs of hot steel crush everything
collapsingAges of Destruction reputed urban landscape
between ozone moon asphalt grief video hell,the
air stinks w/corpse perfume terminal gases motors
grind structures night & heat, a molarous grinding of
monstrous machine hearts pumped by terror,blood
thick from the Sun as if edible
as meat to mouth, butchers to
confessionals,to bathroomstall hands in common sink(as
a woman paid to comprehend) the distraught flesh
enters. stands in line. it selects it pays. peccavi
our serious crimes of romance job shirtsleeves guilty
fingernails let us sit to escape absolve of bad dream
plastic cubicles ruminate last meal before the sentence of
(one may approach patrons wearing fantasies,
garterbelt slit panties whips & leather nothing.
masturbation,or could be eaten for dessert. or 2
businessmen between bankdeal lunch strangulation
orgasm. erotic, of a desert. sacred compared w/
otherwise it feeds,eats who enters & will return to,some
snake tendon slips from walls & slithers into groins
of,who feed the monsters beyond of,markets traffic chewing
Eschaton all one thing
and Look, beyond the window they look beyond the
window suddenly minds explode in jet planes they
tumble in fire Look bodies ignite the sky essential Numa is
leaking.And black angels swoop the rapturous birds
hook out pieces Look the god eats the world
This is news,headlines. Natl EnquirerAZStarUSAToday
was yesterday last month reruns from the year before
kept stackt on tables for those restless for time (here is
no time )
It is true human pain feeds spirits devis demons the
circling maw of Consciousness.red print streams on
flesh pulp,over&over like a radio scream in all their
stereo cellphone skullboxes No one hears this music
the tabloids are
neatly folded and stacked on front tables, but who
opens or who reads

the menu spread upon the table the blind one reads
w/his fingers. sopas ensaladas the toenails of absent
monkeys. El Ciego on one side of the booth El Oculto opposite
past midnite for many hours the dishes between them
glow & quiver w/jewelled putrescence,as of maggot pearls
of meatfeasts gorged 500 years b4. uno del dedo del pie.
crow pie. blood pie. pisada pie. El Ciego squeezes mustard on
his final hamburger & El Oculto considers the varieties of sweet
deserts. as brujos see it,shit tubes sewers niagaras of urine&
above all pain,the carcass hangs from the ceiling&screams.thus
Paco y Flaco enjoy the company of the world this axis mundi
ah Tlalteuctli chinche. big Ozone hole swallows up
Brazil. i can taste Brazil. 1000 rebel elephants machinegunned
in Kenya. hey they can GMO yr kids to be Human Bombs.
Local news, chickens cats dogs ninos flayed sacrificially
splayed on 11th Ave traintracks. that is in the neighborhood.
a local beauty who collects the hearts of men? he reads
headlines or menus of ritual remains as the cartperson
bends nearby to clear dishes,a blonde new body. he makes
her laugh. mira, dice: Our Mother, huge ugly Toad skin
pustles of staring eyes elbows ankles knees wristbones bloody
mouths croaking Feed me! Feed me! tu madre. Y tambien the Sun,
he eats too
the girl does not know if he sees or truly
lives in darkness,wearing dark glasses at midnight the burnt
retinas of his partner sometimes spin like tornadoes they
share between them one white stick w/ruby knob. Poco
thin in jeans white t-shirt Loco even skinnier sometimes a
baseball cap looking backward. they ate everything,everything
one dish after another back to the table never sated never fat
they ate all night. clowns to nightworkers, a rapid
Those old people fed the Sun
corazones humanos,wrapt in warm tortilla flesh
ancient Mesoamerican fastfood: burritos por El Dios
a brown thumb jerks at the outside mirage, 4am parkinglot
crouched before dawn neon smog pulsed in blackbeats of unslept
cars. Gringos feed god farts. Talk about a religion
Tonan, Our Mother, w/many wiry dirty fingers he taps the
table, they could be spiderlegs. what does She eat? Creature
excrement menstrual blood raw placentas corpses. dump
all this good food in the toilet, guero. rivers oceans it becomes
water. Pocho stares into his Coke. i think i'm drinking it
no wonder She croaks
the girls body appears at the table, he leans & deeply
sniffs her crotch. no sangre de las flores,relojes de la luna
no iron no sulfur no ammonia no chemistry between you
pero bugspray,no morbid bodies! his fingers go in&out of her
in strange ways,the starving maggots. organs lockt in cans cars
antidecomposition boxes,UR coffins. Ocho very excited now
digs Bic from levi pocket clicks openLight flares upward thru
his skull becomes an owl reverse ocelot,fountain of Death.
the girl stares & smiles. this dialog between them quantum
tlachtli faster than light she like many others mildly retarded
yet cheerful therefore. from the top of his head come fireworks,
Nuclear explosion
my girlfriend the Witch ate my heart w/her eyes.or,just looking,
she can chew off yr leg muscle, no pain,you just fall over. is
that nice?
no counting for Taste
speaking of waist, la cinga,news item Aug 02: the Equator
circumference is growing. The world is fat
eats too much junk
speaking of justice,his finger sibylically moves upon the
air, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy,a chronic wasting disease.
todo el mundo is wasted. i have dumps in my head of dead
species,upsidedown extinct little toenails & babyeyes.maybe it is
these cannibals,his fingers fluttering many unseen knives fly out
embed surrounding neurons of eaters. Bovas Sponges Encephalants,
mis hijos! revenge of bushmeat
after all it is not brain surgery
do you believe in poetry?
a mute exchange of stares thru black mirrors, the smoke
curling up from somewhere they have no cigarettes,then
Chuyo y Puyo laugh it is a very dry laughter like snake
rattles behind a rock in the arroyo
In 1536 Cabeza de Vaca y 3 companeros crawl delirious from
this desert back in Sinaloa bullshit their homey slavers re
7 cities of gold I saw them in El Norte
1540 Coronado goes after the gold of Cibola
Mr Head of a Cow Senor Cowhead who hallucinates civilization
from a shitpile
Cibola is a softdrink i think

dawn nears,Cholo y Polo alternate rising up approach the
saladbar fill bowls w/lettuce radish pepper onion ovary
battery amygdala (all you can eat)word salad. one person
mops one wipes racks one stacks dishes sterilized to receive
the 5th Sun. it is black cool empty as the world will ever be.
they munch as cattle greens fall from their mouths Chui thrusts
his 44oz supercup across the table. More, bottomless thirst
I must be dead. a green fluid pours in from the machine
air,Slice or 7Up. Louie picks thru many plates of extinct
chicken,Who nibbled on all the bones? he waves 10 centuries of
fingerbones at the girl,thus pulled to their table. greasy
Quetzalcoatl in the underworld let ghosts chew our ancestors
huesos so the new world born from them is denied immortality
a bucket of bones chewed like rats or dog spirits, comprendes?
and That is why you must die
a trance of not knowing what they do,Chui delicately floats
exotic dishes before her eyes.a saucer heapt of little tongues&
sugar. bowls of dreams&ears.a platter of spongy crazy thoughts.
you deserve this! her eyes glaze over a fragment of time flutter
& then she laughs.pulse in her throat,Pinga y Chinga reach out
tap to the beat her hand surrendered palm up on the table. or
her spine as she leans over a well of drowned flesh,crumbs
There are so many girls,let us choose one
She has a good heart. moist & cheery

our village in Sonora where the central plaza horno is kept
hot,the old woman w/many sons in various places
over under near around south of the border who knows
what they do the midnite trucks pull into town,it is
said the bodies are already cut into reasonable small parts
she further chops some grinds some knead into maiz y
flor tortillas big pots of chili carne seca the horno is
so hot it disposes of everything some smashed bones and
useless gristle incinerate of course
but no waste of good meat the
reputation grows you know what you are eating vato,yes
the ritual lunch,and who says only gringos are serious for
Consumers are consumed
have you heard the serpent eats his own tail
he gets indigestion

dripping night,hearts other working organs exit
bodies of eating patrons Dew or Squirt rain from air into the
extra large cups. El Ciego y El Oculto their visages frogs
reptiles insects sudden tongues flicker out forkt&crackling
curl back poisonous w/tasting,warty eyes erupt their body
skins echinoderm and styrofoam. agents of fire,gila
or salamander each dawn enter the sacred terribleOutside melts
them together obsidian&silver,some impossible alloy,as
dining utensils & surgery they return to autopsy night
inside this Mind,system of in&out species architecture
franchise agony w/hallucinated appetite doors open&close,you
fill you empty the larger Hunger surrounds this datum
is Unknown placental machinery hung from jet hooks
overhead who grinds and twists in a voids pain
enact our search for the magical body
here one hurls a self into Dawn splits open horizons
of heat,as Nanahuatl the ugly diseased w/sores white chalk
dusted & pasted soft feathers BigChicken leaps into That
rotisserie making the 5th world,or any suicide bomber
dumb girl or this chica w/the bone wagon
meat fruits ah cooked or raw little pink bird revolves on
the spit her marinated members
he whispers this while squeezing small breasts w/mystic
hands inserts 2 fingers deep up her cunt swirling vaginal
juices pushes into her lips for a taste smells of everything
you do to live accumulate sez Pinga quoting somebody
in her ecstasy,white jiz &plumes to be consumed alive
molten pearl eyes squealing animal shit cages of Terror
barbecue heroic young flanks & virginal bellybutton,toes
claws hooves knuckles clutcht in escape wires she almost
screams but it sounds like hideous cattle. eating faces
leer upward into her skeleton the offered organ becomes
the Sun like a bursting aorta or flower, do you
think she circles back into soft drink fluids triple bun
meat meals the sponges of weeping cows
hung from hooks the bodies the priest w/blood clots stinking
his hair quipu knots of yr black jello,the butcher plungd
into yr brain in the end huge blotting out All the heart
extracted carcass tumbles endlessly down stone levels one body
tumbling forever over & over or many one upon another zombi
glyph of our Despair.human lines move to eat the execution
weekend special serpentine of lard sweating Fear moisture
to maintain a certain order sez Pinga y Chinga not that it
needs any help they pick their mutual teeth savor slow
food of the Otherworld succulent jewel intestine of wild
things Thought that knows it is a dream,stew of jaguar
rump & swamp jaw,quetzal w/crushed ice salad of
jungular fire

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

horizon is a border a line the shimmering mirage
water from which arises Eye of God a periscope tall oracular
spine turns all directions slowly no Thing escapes
Mexico/US Nogales to Nogales the eyebeams lock on each
other the Future someone is watching the footprints appear
mysterious the margins of pages,desert jungle mountain
track LaVenta Tlapallan Xibalba Mictlan (in 9 days)
they descend from stars & time into yr historys calendar,a
bowel highway Yucatan/Sonora invisible among the
crawling bellies,the flies the thirst scorpions migrating
suicide, the footprints hallucinate themselves into
existence Guatemala Michoacan Naco in 9 days the
footprints walk across the checkpoint detached from
a body and then there are 2,men made of sticks scratch
scratch upon sand,asphalt one dressed in a suit the other
a mustache drooping cigarette the beam on his cane sweeps
out sensating ancient radio voices Tucson mariachi in 9
days, 2 moscas appear a street in time space,raiment of
jeans white t-shirts very clean they assist the Sun

now flowers here,that can no longer Be(exude) in the
worlds Nature, cool museum environs Commerce & giant
morgues Meso pyramids w/bodies tumbling Tombs of Credit
& Desire,the footprints arrive hearts murder intersection
via crusht rock gulpt sand the mystic centuries our
most perfect children flayd alive the billboards splasht
in dead eyes gods colossal hunger,cross boulevard pass
over stone ruins endtime landscape chainlink razorwire
instant parking lot surrounding Paradise,2 stickmen
dressed in flesh leap poison & rust,arrive in trance
ENTRANCE th'excavated Earth .a mall of Waters,green
vines fountains of butterflies the lucid merchandise,ionic
air of purchased bodies going places up&down solely as of
a Mind,the translucent cylinders (what contains us
& what we contain) mezzanine eruptions of food,drink
horrific imagination Here we are speak 2 stickmen not
lost in a crowd Mannequins rise on escalators from
a deep sea naked & singing,ecstatic packages of seahorse
coelacanth coral the exploded ears of great whales
Mesozoic treasures for every taste, silent holes open over
all the white sleeping dream babies,mammals & fish the
commodities arrive depart yr jade eyes, boxes shelves
continents of sacred things shiningly wrapt & severed from
their roots of Meaning,nuestros muchachos carry little
scissors for manicure purposes the red fingernails of delicious
women swallow'd w/delirious oceans,tidal acetones &
gut swirls purges of all things arms legs consumer torsos
faces words Designers&Appliances Everything up from
the Basement dripping immaculate fatality,they open
fat cardiac wallets toss agony around like money,Shop
of the Dead on the last day, buy buy, blood pours from
their ears in unfathomed pressures
Tlalteuctli a monstrous Toad,SAPO whose entire body
stares back w/unblinking eyes, 10 thousand eyes &mouthholes
croak for blood,now she is a fountain in the mall, mira, 50
feet tall what sprouts from her many mouths is a fluid,red,&
the children want to play in it climb all over her as mothers
hunt for shoes & kitchen knives,they slip in the viscous bubbles
& pink foam in their nostrils,spun candy,they jump&splash in
violet jets,wherever 2 stickmen walk war erupts on video
screens more screaming children Pancho y Luncho open a
mouth to scream, bejewel'd & perfum'd her cosmetics mixt
w/corpse ash menses scorpion pheromones crusht mantis
eyes & ectopic waste, they smear the magnetic body w
star paste our mad poetic ones become shining flesh
as lipstick erupts on every stoppt face lingerie w/eels &
strangled necks
Condensed by fire the human body is
40-50 diamonds pure carbon of yr loved ones one for every
finger w/every finger they enter all things as burglarize a
body filch raw thought scoop out a cunt or 2 eyes
(remember they are blind)the unzipt skins purpose slithers
away tap tap on bone & people gaze back a Time fragment,flutter
& laugh when it laughs flickerd split tongue claws curld quik
on escalator rail or beadpurse or a shoulder as one leans over
a table rippling bright scarves sandals underwear or cameras
w/nictitating lenses (remember they are 2 sticks)
gods azteca appear,converse but soon grow bored that is
Hungry only on these terms did we live herd animals w/
tasty dreams what dies horribly & becomes yr flesh what
gods lick & swallow from sleep & death, monkeys pygmies
many famous people Elvis Diana Jesus Selena calf flayd
as its mothers eyes in the Church of Eating the people
swell up the gods swell up you look out windows they are
filling up the sky passionately sublime flesh eaten on tv,
snackfood torture rooms motel organ fiesta why is earth
ballooning w/pain it is not junk food senor it is God Flesh
Carne Dios fat w/terror all the hot sex slaughter so all
will Eat Glory vicarious deity cannibalism of course this
is culture. as Everything lives by eating the Sun,the Sun is
hungry too, why not, long red fingers thru glass grab &
break open ripe skulls,baby seeds, good intentions, gangs
of tongues & acids invade yr openings w/boiling appetite
all moisture of the body brain poetry suckt up long tubes
into their noses,the gods snort time fear beauty nothing else
works for eternity all is food & hunger mas y mas y mas
says the Stick & it is not fulfilled

Mesozoic (here,beyond) dinosaurs of heat crush
pavements,their evolving & extincting great mouthsof fire
& oil devour smaller things a mechanics of combustion of
everything between ocean & mountain,sky & inward Hell
night & day consumption of rage consuming air of burning
flesh & copal
there is no relief
triumphant glass asphalt metal melded together,orbits
beyond earth melded to earths core helicopters pissing fire
cars trucks buses corpses swollen rotting inside,blowup dolls
w/open mouths, if there were scavengers coyotes vultures
to eat stench from bones but no relief Cement grinding
motors gun explosions family brains spewn out on freeways
or merciful deep fat fry or skeletons of white dust at
their prayers
a river that runs backward & is always dry,a goddess &
her dark lover coild in each others loins as cosmic dust
Santa Cruz currents of sinews of their love Ontlaqualque they
ate the earth Aztec oath to utter truth touch earth w/hand
lick off what clings as Moctezuma gave to those
conquistadors who disembarked,a mark of respect &
dragons uncoil to eat unborn babies,spawn of a blood
red woman drunk on blood the Son appears w/swords in
his mouth to slay his enemies & eat them
It grows hotter redder air more red in eye,fire crackles
every atom of breath as it inexorably expands blood pressure
skulls clenched & swollen rage of hearts of course there is
a flutter in the head as all things realize: it is impossible.
To live.

2 stick men in a parkinglot thus crazed by vision w/
stink of all this go into Night luminous w/fire in search of
monstrous answers in search of monsters who can answer
2 stick thin men,thin as snakes so desperate as
shadows of rats fingernails,the penis of a line, only 2
as naked men running back & forth in th'emptied night, I
offer up body pieces food lungs livers genitals we carry them
in paper sacks, cardboard boxes plastic containers doggybags
for the gods,who offer to north south east west to the
growing voracity of the Sun. or earth moon stars anything
to listen still hungry to live but it is impossible

Barbara Mor, native of southwest American coast & desert (SoCal, AZ, NM). Work in Orpheus Grid, Sulfur, BullHead, Mesechabe, Ms., Trivia (US); Spectacular Diseases, Intimacy, Ecorche (UK). Online: DissidentVoice (6/14/04), TriviaVoices (2/05), website RadVictorianRadio. Author of pagan eco-feminist Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth (HarperSF 1987, 1991); smart book, dumb title.