Oasis 2

Barbara Mor

Dona Mona a mythical person who lives in CalleReina behind
the tacqueria next to the alley that leads to the electrical power
station beyond which trains rattle night&day on nervous
tracks that make earth a junkie. her shack(xacalli)invisible
among many,a tiny garden inside adobe walls rusted grillwork
enclosing dependent on the days chemicals PeruvianAndes
Brazilian jungle the shitty barrio where one lives&dies simply
whitewashed bone w/one red geranium in her eyesocket the air
is green cockroach sweat a reign of splendor behind the retinas
         en su casa,she is occupied. windows boarded up except
one door nice slants of yellow heat thru pine slats no shadows
no cooking or eating either,no running water (there is a pump
outside if a dog comes to drink it lives but humans die)she
busies herself in serious ways,roaches&scorpions inhabit the
walls 1000 years for a reason stink&poison like otras mujeres
weave blankets&spider webs around their dark corners she
concentrates & the ancient dust enters&departs its fabulous
shapes (people, flowers, tigers pyramids gods) sometimes at
such speed only a blur w/a broom as if sweeping everything
existent awry or her several eyes glow in the dark watching
nothing or she appears sitting straitback cruel wooden chair
in midst of bare sala stares at flickering b/w tv screen hour
upon hour her soaps & religious programs (the brain attracts
hemispheric events) or past midnite she monkeys w/contrast
dials until a black screen w/white fosforos vectors zigzags
flash news & these are transmissions lloros espectral from
freeways or other cities, thoughts, nations  in other episodes
she is doing bad things on other planets no one knows
anything about zip nada
                                         Dona Mona, many personas
as legends say (real advertisements) her lower parts(puta)
wrappt in snakes,or her hair is snakes,or her head is 2
snakes spitting blood from a choppt neck (some holybitch
sacrifice) or bald, as a skeleton shaved & boiled,that
hideous small head wives(once) darned socks on,&
other things su marido zopenco           a change of masks,
           clothes or skin, pues, unpleasant but can be done, the
        Toltec art of feathers & jewel embroiderd flesh, or
          flayed girls & boys in their prettiest moments  being
         simpatico w/the agonies of calendars,dates  sweaty
             synchronies of Crazed power & she also knows the
           gods lose their bowels straining each day one more
          impossible day for who else cleans it up ,sulfurous
       diarrhea & vomitus of gods & blood clots & splatterd
          estomagos (menstrual blood no problem,as it gushes
                  from all hearts,white lava from our breasts)
she is also cat piss

Dona Mona walks along as bent vieja the bundle on her
back (aluminum cans pincushions peyote buttons glasseyes
dropped more frequently than one would think de paso
cigarette butts broken rosaries needles spit pickt locks&
scabs butterfly footsteps) beautiful bottle novae that make
each pathway a cathedral window a drunks explosion &/
or both & end of sidewalk & blah la end of lament

Dona Mona assumes this walk of power to do her grocery
shopping she buys nothing but enjoys the ambience of
moving as one of them among the mortalities

Dona Mona I dont know her she is one of those it is best to
see in yr dark alleys & keep on moving

each a.m. her daughters rise & go to the Wal.it is a long
walk over broken pavement boring dust cement no cement
one wears combat boots one sandals one Nike knockoffs a
desert bulldozed grows strange things,reptile creosote&dirt
ambitions what they dreamed uprooted (the dream does not
end thereby) the sisters pass cenozoid rubble,mercados
zapaterias panaderias extinct destinations,big horny toads
crouchd on warpd boards&adobe stumps,gas station w/cacti
between 2 pumps nothing else grows no business here a
great pile of trash the Temple of Garbage,el pueblos
secrets&mysteries old socks underwear tincans mattresses
chewinggum wrappers & virgin brassieres a Pyramid of
sacred items y otras cosas, las hermanas make signs of
personal recognition,there is the broken radio there is the
fatal gun, cholla spines snaggd w/historic debris, xmas
ribbon cassette tapes condoms the wind god tosses small
things around on his way out  here & there a marigold
grows from a discarded body part,other mutations also
,freak creatures,bioflorafauna scrabbling & entwining the
nostalgic heap 3headed rats prehensile scorpions motile
ocotillo w/neon eyes all will be happy to feed on toxins,
crap & vast radiations & lots of leaked blood if history is
predictable,all night all day the Pyramid glows in a dark
which probably no ojos have noticed

the daughters Capilla, Flora y Pinche Malinche (o Tres
Parcas as they are known in some neighborhoods) algunas
veces mock,sometimes replay their past glories, e.g. Xingu
jungle eponymous Amazons copulate golden phalluses
up river from where hot chilis on bare pezones made us
fly,Tenochtitlan the Place of the Cactus Fruit,nopal heart
red as cunts our green flesh inherits,this walk of distance
to where Sonora desert dreams to exist one day,a brown
person stops & bows to you,little mescal toci of rocks
peyotl who grows only in this Dead Place,Mictlan  of
course,life is a mixt bag the sisters drink Pepsi w/coke as
they walk,toss stupid gossip y blasfemias into the litter,it
goes on & on a heap of existential junk,anaconda skin
umbilicus tampons of lost civilizations  they recognize
their family contributions to the stinking pile,obsidian
scissors & jade cigarette lighters,discarded tubes of black
mouth paint lavished upon insatiable earth goddesses
speaking of Dona Mona,her skinny blue dog rummagd the
Serpent Temple of abandoned birds,snakes&wild perritos
akaTeotihuacan,Xolotls HotDogs yCerveza,he disappeared
looking for her boys BunchoyCruncho the horrible workers
mysteriously lost in some parking lot not far from here
los pendejos locos

her daughters not exactly derived from marriage they belong
to that race of beings who losing a tail, grow it back  but
never lose nostalgia for the original

they arrive at theWal.aTemple,ritual site of sorts, castle
of Things surrounded by asphalt moat w/dormant cars &
nonindigenous shrubbery,dark green rubbery bushes no
spikes or flores(colores)no discernible regional properties
locate consumers where they are 100s 1000s diurnally
pass thru this sole portal exceptional in its nonentity
considering beneath cement the bodies bound in sisal
rope foetal position enough raw blood poured out to
guarantee commercial success the grayhair greeter does
not reveal that you are all ixiptlas
                                                 they enter backdoor far
down,around monolith in the rear a forbidden entrance
marked EXT they are not "workers" but "extensions"
(ext) swipe ID cards (age nombre horas wages sex debt
destiny planet) como se dice yr life other creatures (exts)
(w/frequent turnover) enter also but do not glow in the
dark as las hermanas,swipe identity,don corporate smock
bluson azul or blue apron that makes them uniform,lock
lockers & begin,woman&man,what jobs become them
before they exuent or grow old die in situ,ID badges on
sunken chests or bosoms swollen w/unrealized romance
bitter denial as if cattlebrands on their foreheads,Las
Parcas of course are not human,their names also glow
in the dark
            Capilla does checkstand,Flora restrooms &
garden,Pinche Malinche womens lingerie (gloves bolsas
belts scarves stockings perfumes & red satin underwear)
under their uniforms their bodies smeared & creamed
w/poison to remain spirits,Yamuricuma
Flora in garden & bathroom maintenance grows seeds
in fertilizer no one the wiser & the toilets sing to the
blooms & leaves in a cyclical way that biomedicinally
satisfies her long attentions
Pinche Malinche chooses her face before dressingroom
mirrors as if personas hung on hangers, refers to flayed
ones as superior to cosmetics & facelifts but she(her tits
better than her thoughts)known to lie,red satin lipstick &
bloodred fingernails & cutglass bottles of CelestialPrincess
parfume she uses personally but warns others against it,
pues, somos mujeres poderosas
Capilla at beginning of her shift she wears a smile each
hour ticks the skin grows taut & more taut pulls the
grin back into her ears & the white yellow & broken
teeth are not especially attractive
                               consumers who love bargains
in their swarm of wallets & packages leaking a little
red fluid,or pinkish or chlorophyll or exhausted semen
,soft creatures pushing empty carritos into looming
aisles that will make them full (Flora feels viney things
intruding corporate orifices Malinche observes how
maggots rush to lunch Capilla,not sentimental,counts
$s perhour no pissbeaks no smokes)they put their hands
on wonders of earth,shelves boxes plastoid appliances
&home decor incessant objects alive in fluorescent air
that also renders living things unreal   here are toys
tools glass&clocks canned beans canned tuna chips &
chewingguminallflavors papel higienico(48 rollos
dobles) waterbottles filled w/worm piss, mothers tears
& milky soma computerized coffeemakers toothbrushes
vibrators(the stolid peasants dream they are urban &
lean, they are not)their children run to games,Aztec &
Mayan action figures,warriors goddesses snake priests
&skull racks,ChacMool reclined w/purple jelly hearts in
his little bellydish   not to be outdone Jesus&Satan of
Revelations videobox,St John up to his neck in Blood of
Losers,like Angels believers explode & fuse apocalyptic
bodyparts (little factory girls earn Chinese pennies per
week assembling xtian crosses stigmata & swords,$17.95
retail)Princess dolls, Virgins succubi &burnt witches
monsters of LakeVostok,melting awake  globes swirld
w/dinosaurs &quetzals in nostalgic snow,& frozen
mammoth w/undigested bites of appleblossom in their
tripas  were they really so small? are we so big?  O!
cheap oriental imports poison smiley faces who speak
oink oink honk honk a la muerte,gabacho! cliticlac!
down from Mt Chimberazo ecuadorial avalanches pour
ash&soap&oil our civilizations our cavernous interiors
yawn,smog ozone CO2 deranged plantgrowth Bonsai!
onestopshop eschatology tianquizpan tlayacaque walk
amid us, market guardians banging huacos & drums
falta de respeto,nobody hears them   empty&emptied
esposas shopt in auras of memories so lulled by matchd
towels washcloths &bathrobes they do not cognate years
katuns baktuns passing while they browse & finger P.
Malinches red satin fantasies o Floras hyenas&vultures
&earthworms chew&vacuum&slime their putrid organs
Siempre Barato! Siempre Mezquino!! Monkey Donuts!!!
next to Capillas checkout bookrack the bestselling Raptor
series by some PeruvianMexican he spells it his way on
the cover large birds descend to pick off naked ascending
creatures but the clothd horizontal soft creatures buying
these books do not seem to fear their destinies surely do
not care who makes them change or records their deb(i)t
or marks their doomsday in the invisible calendar do not
care who passes thru them that makes a change o look!
its time! the little baby smiley face who squeaks pee pee
oink oink honk honk
  the 5th Sun going out of business
sale commences in the basement of the mind where the
gods shop lightbulbs&darkness in the Nahuatl phrase
pay w/yr guts

              after being dead 4 years our warriors return as
hummingbirds&butterflies of course it is their flowery
nature(penises dipt in nectar etc)belonging to daylight,
massacres of theSun
                                    females,por otro lado,enter night
as their element &remain,become obsidian easily, girls
after Death go crazy thus the Celestial Princesses don
serious regalia & prepare for work(on certain unlucky
days & on the last day)black mirrors on knees &elbows
,claws & fangs &clacking labia,lava of their veins coold
rapidly &glinting out their eyeballs Ilhuica cihuapipiltin
they erupt on highways,at crossroads,traffic stops,each
intersection whore teeth staind red & chicle smacking
wet castanets in their nasty mouths(on 5 unlucky days or
at the end of the world) bochorno sultry breezes from a
desert already drunk the Western sky falls,meanwhile
humble clerks in such positions to devour the world at
the worlds end,swarm & stride & slaughter under their
snakeskirts hang down obscenely violet tongues,thick
knives,hyena clitori     P.Malinche,w/hideous hair &
       bare breasts(her tits better than her thoughts)grabs &
           twists little children into gerbils,mice,feral Disney
         animations carnivorous upon their parents  chinga!
    & here the DevilWomen monsters of reality ript like
     a curtain,as they say,this fatal twilight hour when sky
       collapses,Tzitzimime step thru the wound to devour
     whatever runs what screams,Flora sings their hungry
      flowers,blooms as earth is swallowd her total throat,in
  downtown motels,teatros,cafes final images suctiond
     into huge magenta cunt,most monstruo of all Capilla &
       the skinny bitches Tetzuahcihua from the mezzanine
     of heaven,women w/no flesh,no pity only bones their
        job to devour all people at the end of the world,tho
      nothing tastes very good anymore they slice & cut w/
   surgical fingernails or sprouting serpents &electrodes
         from their heads like chia pets they who as obreras
are in such positions in such ways they are in
     time to eat us at worlds end

so one day there is no Sun
so one day the Sun does not rise, okay

Road of Xibalba Black Road,cunt of our milky galaxy(end
of LongCount,5th Sun 4th Earth)the final trip: xibalba be
underworld way she walks forward questioning CAMINAR
PREGUNTO   25,800 years una y otra vez  the obscure
procession    a darkness intentional,thick dingy shards&
clots of greasd air corpuscular in the extreme of lungs&last
mucopurulent spasms the dirt upheaves & hearts from
their seismic bodies   so she leaves her abode & walking
the final time perhaps that is when daylight disappears she
walks thru dirty dark w/lizard eyes fixd on theWal she
does not care to put on shawl or jewelry etc does not wear
the old dress worn until it is 3 threads &fell off or even
sweatshirt & pants she does business in in fact she walks
naked pues que nadie can see her cuerpo covered w/snake
scales & increasingly morpht as she goes into a black pelt
or very erotic jaguar in huaraches over the noninhabitual
        (American roads paved w/Venezuelan oil,tar,asphalt
deinos Saurischia Ornithischia driven fromOrinoco basin)
along LaFrontera border which is 18ft tall concrete&steel
toppt razorwire &embedded glass w/terminal cicadas
bats rattlers w/white eyes cataracting down the stone  a
memory squeezed so hard it can weep  she talks to earth
(a criminal activity)listens to earth  peyote mescal hongo
opio  along w/her black footprints of one who is never
seen,black pus of laughter   walks to Wal where gringos
sell each other air&sex&time&matter 13 lunations pass
thru her eyesockets like jelly thru water  as men perform
theSuns glory,so females extract surrender moche brujas
todas comadronas who help doomed entes die,Totomac
12OldWomen who own the soil,sweep warriors&kings
toMictlan w/brooms dript w/blood,so elSol his final day
theBlackHole sucks him in & his eyes roll back to 0000
              : Time to teach sun how to eat worms & die

    Dona Mona at theWal   perpendicular y total  ,wall of
background stars,nightUniversetime,completeinventory&
weight ofThought 14 degrees tiltPlane ofEcliptic alignd w/
intersects su hoyo  you&me,senor  Void&gravedad,a wall
of skulls who smile,copal smoke exudes their nostrils  you
have expended much breath to get here
(aMexica greeting)
not at all
               el hado ruinoso  wall of bulletholes gritos puke
blueballpoint notes to Mary&Jesus,bad photos nombres of
the dead all thats left  Junk derived from dull flesh,war
plunder markets  7/11 cigarettes motoroil  natures replication
of species as even cockroaches dream of rosas&true love,or
maybe not  What counts isTime,timing is everything sd
theWitch  when there are so many of them they cease to
seem personal except perhaps to their mothers but then
do insects have feelings?  bloodsmear & advertisements,
hammerd nails of rhetorical questions,the selfhypnosis of
gods everywhere they go el paraiso into a dump,mirage
del cielo now rusted cars now stupid dust
DonaMona stands in emptiness & talks to It,Entropy,the
parking lot coldbeer toad secretions  those lost hijos,
Plata y Plomo,circling the drain of Westerncivilization
contrario a las manecillas del reloj
                                                        she does her part,
teotleco,They return,Tezcatlipoca at the beginning,who
stitchd dogheads to dogbutts to make our first ancestors
madre&padre mom&pop   that forkdTongue snake,that
sexy blackcat,nakedly strolls toTollan paintd headtofoot
Green,a salesman of GREEN PAINT ha! a mirror on one
foot(I am),back of his head(yr stupid face)a black wind
everywhere,rain of black knives     & the girls,busy
elsewhere,check out the consumers of breath,se despiden
goodbuy goodbye morir to die heaping stuff upon stuff
in collapsing biospheres the air suckd out into bigger
seers,wall of skulls who only smile(perfect teeth& no
eyes selling nada anymore)when they look in yr eyes&
say this humanos you will laugh  some say you get yr
just desserts to us it is just dessert ha ha

from such minute perspectiveUniversecomplex&full as
from a god or rich man or myself,me i abhor aVacuum
that is why you are abhorrent yr empty cartons&boxes
of crap,every square inch must be filled,even fleas are
conscious from their sweat holy tears,itz ,waters of
prognostication violet killer sap&translucid fluid,as
ch'ulel Mayan soulstuff,exploded in blood,we conjure
tzak our work Today & the ch'u who enjoy us

                                                   thus DonaMona
hallucinates colors,spews on Wal FastGreenBrilliantBlue
QuinolineYellowAmaranthSunsetYellow red red red
everywhere isIndigoCarmine sprayd between her teeth&
other lethal food properties w/marvellous nombres on
theWal 50,000 years of graffiti promo for the emerging
brain,shit splashd w/out permission many walls magic
squares hexagrams hieroglyphs bits of blown heads she
envisions a black mushroom cloud & it happens
intonan intota tlaltecuhtli tonatiuh "for our mother &
our father,the earth&the sun
      she does her part of an old chocho  old woman of
  itching buttocks
  Madre de losTodos,slut,landlady of
   worms,patrona tacono,curses everything  sur norte
oriente occidente el accidente plays no favorites all my
    children maldito&maldito&maldito:binary numbers
  :Ch'uey&Fooey(FuHi,1stEmperor,Chinese got here
 first)(how do men do this bang their brains ofWhat they
  make&demandThis is Law the ultimate boundary this
isGod not me o yes! i forget theWal is my cunt let me in
   let me in! hombresymujeres who bear them are driving
 nature crazy senor  &to beBornAgain from elDioVaron
requires think about it a very small head [una cabeza
     muy menudo]
                                              she does her part:
you fuckt it up you fuckt it up again you stupid bingos!!
she could scream that she screams that inside her head
but in reality she is silent her daughters busy elsewhere
(&w/her footprints,One who is never seen,prick fucking
everything,delicious joy)she busies her invisible body
sweeping up sudden eons of blood,of kings&warriors&
salesmen&shoppers&todos otros w/a relentless

Barbara Mor, a native of southwest American coast & desert (SoCal, AZ, NM). Work in Orpheus Grid, Sulfur, BullHead, Mesechabe, Ms., Trivia (US); Ecorche, Intimacy, Spectacular Diseases (UK). Online: DissidentVoice (6/14/04); TriviaVoices #1 (2/05), #5 (2/07), & #7-8 Double Issue (9/08); CTheory (8/4/05), (12/15/05) & (4/12/06). Author of pagan ecofeminist Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth (HarperSF 1987, 1991): smart book, dumb title.