the missing girls

Barbara Mor

a building constructed by white sand,the deserts warehouse
Men go in &out,lugwrenches hammers a cement floor where
oil   &water stain their boots as if blood &they are surgeons
of machinery. Noise muted,a radio of wind,everything is too
hot, sweat beads &mixes with black dust. a location far from
highways,there is a rusted sign somewhere & dirt road.Who
comes &goes has no name,a static business without any
advertisement on a 360 degree horizon
Men who work appear & disappear from the air,dressed in
blue overalls,tshirts, organic or mineral skin
what do they perform: aBeast chained to a rock like a dog
guarding a poison that drips from the sun
there are other buildings
Wheel depot, wall yard, home factory etc. Visceral metal
disconnected tubes pipes dismantled bathroom fixtures old
refrigerators frontdoors recharged batteries of empty rooms
somehow these bldgs are connected to the missing girls.
dont ask why
storm rain lightning mirage all very far away. Phenomena
bleached by distance.Weather occurs in a mind, not here,day
&night a lightbulb burns in a cage in a skull of a job manager
without shadow.This decides storm lightning heat mirage
what is done here: Coagulum of space/time
                                                      the monster licks this
jewel slowly until the animal is so sick it can eat its own
death. & be full

Specifications: living things
thorax antennae wing what moves on their own,powered
by will ofMachine or that they move in dark heat,on foot
dawn has not happened,Engines of earth as black hum
abdomen lung bone begin to sweat before any Sun,as
engines believe movement upon earth is Alive
Specifications: long dark hair,small, thin, medium skin
ages 10-25
as any animal on its way to work or school,day or night
crosses the path of,random selection or destiny,what is
meant by,a science or a game

the Method
All is Object .of a cruel desert,a cruel god, predators eye
or job boss, any scent of flesh or automata(seeking like a
child to live beyond this)their residue scattered shoes socks
tshirts backpacks among rib femur skull in sparse lots or
retrieved into bldgs industry forensic charity used parts
on categories of shelves (dissected information)
                                                                Alma,age 13,Irma 12,
anonima 8     mothers give names in love,these objects
return value as product,crime list,sensations of news,the
scent of a desert thicker than blood

bldg ofEvidence white powdery dust like a floor,strewn
w/specific things,rose blouse,earring rosary hair ribbons
name tag,new factory uniform,one dies clutching weeds,
or sand thick under fingernails one strangled w/own
shoelace     vaginal  &anal rape Esmeralda 13, Marina 11
white tennis shoes white panties carefully placed beside
or among grass & spikey weeds,mall bag w/parts of
trachea &a white bra,spinal column nearby,pelvis &parts
of a foot not far off black tennis shoe w/some bones of
the foot intact    Cinthia 10, Ana Maria 11, Maribel 18
anonima 13, raped beaten tied to stake in playground
Guillermina 15, raped     & burned alive,vaginal & anal
Susana Flores Flores 13, undergoes 4 heart attacks
during torture rape stab,strangle,gunshot to brain    or
a hard yellow dirt the mystery of breasts,right breast
severed left nipple chewed off Adriana 15 anonima 13
anonima anomina 14,16,17 partly naked blouse & bra
pulled up over head exposing what remains of, ritual
Parts &Appliances:this bldg composed of space,concrete
&absent walls & component parts strewn on assembly
tables flowers made from (her) genitals,mammaries,
eyes     as some god spills jism which becomes a desert
Bat,it flies to the whore of Love bites it off,"that piece
of flesh" inside her vulva,which becomes Flowers .the
origin of flowers

aTempled bldg,as only men enter & leave. aloof from all
this their shoes black,polished & final     Laws,codes,
documents of bullets are made here,the invention of God
& mechanicalReason     the Worlds anatomy lesson begins
w/precision cuts   as steps rise & fall into towers &
basements,silent ascent &descent into chambers &deep
hells,some wear robes,suits of authority,police,soldiers
priests,dealers in business,no eyes but shadows & in them
things disappear.     what is meant by,aPower     nothing
stops.   Tire tracks left in night,or wrists bound by many
signatures,line after line in books which record &erase
their meaning,aLine of enormous pressure w/agony it
extends to horizons,crack open even dreams which are
unbearable     Unknown things,to be silenced
                                                              a black car pulls
up,cowboy dressed in black,boots trousers shirt hat,a rifle
absolute w/history,gets out & performs its ceremony
they work for LaSantisimaMuerte most holy death
they say but there are no women here
                            boys enter a bldg no one knows,aVoice
gathers them up,the repeatedName     chosen by something
like them but bigger,more angry     a church,garage,an
armory where metallic things reproduce in cold light  ,&
theEnemy,flesh,is molten & hammered & nailed as it
must be,toServe a progeny ofThis.  the boys go in Alive
&come out changed,a drone of continuous wind becomes
theirMind, & wear as insignia,necklaces of little
flesh beads,girls nipples

Speculations: as (mirage)dwellings of cardboard,packing
crates plastic tarp barrels old tires,Factory trash piled &
angled among rocks &brush as if inhabited,animals or insect
colonies live there no running water windows doors,one
room they hang blankets to make walls,8 rooms  many
animals or bugs hovelled together,to be human to eat
sleep mate beyond this     .or school,or a job,a movie,dance
or romance as seen,las revistas   a screw thru a bottlecap
makes a bolt,aFemale 12-16 makes a family worker,the
extension cords,crazy wires strung everywhere live wires
among shacks along ground,over dirt roads a lightbulb,an
iron, radio,tv some current runs like nerve spasm or fire
thru a common body,or electrocution   .theExperiment of
rodents of heat& saguaro,a skeleton of fire at night to be
human,who lives here exists,by dream    tumbleweed in
manufactured wind,each rises to become,4am or midnight
walks alone,a bus or desert terrain,arrives 7am 2am, 24/7
factories of towering gates,security booths, parking lots,
green lawns &vegetation,as if water ran in the river,or air
was not stench, & here they may aspire to be,toilets &
showers,cafeteria food,hot&cold faucets,discipline &wages,
the anonymous receive a nametag,w/a human name

          mingled,body parts,units ofAssembly   telephones
cellphones ears&lips,plasm circuits nerve fibers,remotes
calculators tvs,her eyes a common screen,mute tongue
off/on Embotella dora de laFrontera Motores Electricos
Continental Mgft Co/Continental Sprayers,bodies fertile
w/ambition(need or fantasy)work as repetitive hearts sex
organs of technology as especially young &deft,esp
desperate,asHuman her labor creates a destiny,reflex of
muscle against its poverty,quick fingers of windowshine
& bug spray,a quick mind bldg industry Maytag Kmart
Sears ovens microwaves beds&sofas she inhabits casas
lindas,vidas hermosas none inhabit drag a people thru
naïve blood &dust,a mirage to live in   Johnson &Johnson
DuPont Amway Kenwood Alco Honeywell A.O. Smith
real flowers,perhaps,a plastic vase,advertise a girls brain
waterheater,glass lined a girls skin
                    where bodies found,broken machine parts
garbagedump,basura city its wind does not distinguish
dead things,junk,animal or human   face down,head
buried dirt road edge of RioGrande   strangled,left in
plastic bag,AirportDeliveryHwy,JuarezPorvenirHwy(the
Future)in drainage pipe CasasGrandesHwy  kilometro
19 PanAmHwy a sewage ditch,thermal electric plant
bottling plant,#11&#12 towers FedElectricCommission
railroad tracks partly buried inPEMEX sportsfield,or
empty lot behind FLUOREX(outdoor &grow lights)
behind FedElectricStation&Fluorex,body in streambed
approx 17.4 yards from tracks(victims 32% young
workers,also students waitresses storeclerks putas)the
murder,abduction or dumpsite is anywhere  boys,men
assume theFutureHwy,all theirs  norteno,el automovil,as
Invincible(female workers,GM Ford TDK RCA Sony
Toshiba)all thisPower,her handprints all over,windows
that do not scream,windshield that sees nothing,car that
transports death w/happy music playing
naked,halfdressed,dead 1 day 2 weeks a year  quickly
disassembled by heat,summer 110 degrees,or winter mice
coyotes,dogs chew flesh &bone,field rats esp nasal &ear
cartilege,24 hours,faces gone Rosalina,20,kept alive
10 days,lowered w/belt into ravine or 21.4 yards from
train overpass in a baseball field in a stream,on top of
bushes (she had one leg shorter than the other,15-17
severely beaten,massive bruise,50 puncture wounds)
or naked,15-17,found on top of a used tire near Cerro

The Necessity,first
     boxes of seed soil nutrients time sun beyond this)a bldg
about food a bldg about money. Nothing goes in or out
w/outMoney.   (Marx: "No admittance except on business")
this is business
their body but a statue,an earthen machine formed by God,
by intention,for purposes of Use
     a bldg of philosophers
thinkingBusiness humanFlesh is the single largest biomass
on earth,it once wasTermites     such is Life
Descartes nailed his wifes pet dogs paws to a table,tortured
it experimented dissected it alive     in search of a soul in
     which he didnt find,they only exhibit pain &as
Machines do not feel pain,nor creatures made of theRules
ofMechanics(which are ofNature ruled by God)  .while
theFemale breeds flesh as insects,prolific &unruled,so to
engender contempt for plurality,thus Usable as disposable,
she makes them a breeder of bugs,meat houses,surgent
plagues of redundance     the largest single biomass on
Earth,now human,it once was bugs
     a thinking man's
problem,to beSolved powerfully,w/profit & Thought

     as a vacant lot,weeds & noise,2 busy streets on either
side,continuousTraffic,a bldg ofOwners,Associacion de las
Maquiladoras,US export assembly plants,8 rotten things
laid out affront theBusiness that employed them,as if before
them a ritual offering,victimas utiles dump the bodies here
no mystery the Female body after death,or before breasts
severed,gaping vaginas even virgins after rape,virginalfaces
swollen &agape,or black masks dessicated,fists full of desert
where they grasp for something roots,tears,another alive
orReal nothing is there          no mystery here
These are my books,sd Descartes pointing to his room of
dissected animals   including the family dog nailed down
alive & tortured in search of a soul(never found)as animals
dont feel pain thought Rene  the terrible sounds are of an
intellectual music only the Mind hears
this is business

& then she enters the bldg of ghosts Lote Bravo Lomas de
Poleo  ServiciosPlasticos yEnsambles,the workplace the
deathplace,remembered   all she assembles of sad little
pieces,novela de su vida  Lilia,17,ValentinesDay,leaves a
downtown factory,her hands join watermassage parts,also
student,loves poetry,studies journalism also mother of 2,
nursing infant.  Kept alive 5days while they feast on her
terror &milk,her pleas &tears a kind of milk,salt of cunt &
fleshbread    evidence of many,more semen in her than all
others   beaten raped strangled,set on fire repeat breasts
butchered w/hot milk spurting out in particular her ghost
contemplates baby son far away,thru plastic orGlass,cries
&the rapists laugh,body of vacant lot over &over reporte
sin novedad
nothing to report
or the one w/50 puncture wounds,no name,15-17,5'5"
Oct 3 1997, 27.4 precise yards from train overpass in a
stream in a baseball field on top of bushes,still has one leg
shorter than the other,anonima,it never changes   those
displayed w/arms chopped,8 carnal crosses,uniforms
close by   or girl,13,w/4 heart attacks enduring torture
she is still having them
one victims clothes tossed over mothers back fence,Cop
collecting evidence tells mother  la chavala andaba da
that means yr girl enjoyed her sexDeath,his pene
grande,thus he pays himself la mordida,su cuota   police
handcuff marks on many corpse wrists .dramas
sell,what they love,to watch on tv & the pathos thereof
endless romance betrayal grief
& the ghosts understand,they were born to weep

certain gods decide what is valuable what isnt.  Human
pain,it is like killingEarth,raping Life eating theHeart of
Things,a big thrill   they are expendable,10,100,1000,1
million die so what? there are always more we know
where they come from,sd theMachine    .& we know what
is happening to them & we understand.The awfulness is
eternal but necessary sd the god  &all my begotten things
designed as sacrificial matter the idea is fulfilled when
each is opened up & emptied of whatever her name was
did she ponder did she dream no only of this moment
she is made for

     a bldg of laundromats how clean &shining,at last
it must be heaven they are washing all the bloody clothes
because they cant stand aromas ofBlood putrido in a l0year
old murdered girls clothes,policeGuard uses perfumed fabric
softener to make the stink go away, it disappears like all
flesh,all evidence in the shining machines

     of theWest,wild horses(Wyoming Nevada Arizona)a
factory town built to slaughter horses for dogfood,the wild
beasts penned in cages,no shade,Sun sweating ,crazy in their .
eyes.Horseblood bubbled up thru wooden sidewalks,they all
smelt it workers &horses,the stench pervasive.  Dogfood in
Japan, European steak, Dutch company, American profit
factory farming does destroy the sacred aura but hey
thats how the Market evolves
,sd the butcher
this is business

raped.then they tied them &stuffed cotton in their mouths.
then they lit the cotton & burned them to death

in Darfur this is business        & the Hadji girl,14,Abeer,
held down,4 US soldiers go crazy on her,then shoot her in
head, bash her face w/cement block (shoot mother father 6
year old sister in next room)set the girl on fire,stomach to
feet,destroy semen evidence,her hair on fire &the family
pillow used     war is a business
sold over border intoChina,workers orSex slaves,some girls
bound in leather harness&5 times daily immersed in Leech
ponds   the leeches suck their blood,then at end of day are
harvested for market,big fat leeches get top prices.Parents
choose the strongest daughter,prettiest daughter,the most
loved or difficult daughter  her sale into sexWork orLeech
trade can feed rest of family for a year
         this is a business
a mother distraught over problems,personal &money,walks
into a lake holding 4 year old daughter,8 year old son by
the hand.The boy swims away &lives,mother w/girl in her
arms drowns   SummitLake, Akron Ohio  she couldnt take
it anymore   it is all a business

 in the case of severed heads which we can see moving &
biting the earth shortly after having been cut off,altho they
are no longer animate,.... sd Rene

orEmily Allison Miranda,other names    Manufactured in
a bldg that is the heat metals generate rubbing together
in wet dreams,objects who aspire toFame via Murder
made for aCulture &then they are gone Brooke Ashley
Olivia,interchangeable as disposable,the one decayed
body folded in an appliance packing crate the other girl
stuffed in a kitchenFreezer,many weeks,then buried under
backyard barbecue,under a cement slab approx 10' x 10'
behind the house one is buried,space for a charcoal brazier
or maybe pingpong table in the summer.another is in the
freezer wrapped in plastic against the garage wall cool
in there most of the time
                                           the excess of female bodies
manufactured for aMedia,nightly news tormented body
parts w/identities still missing or the search in swamps or
urban galleries alleys artloft imagination the surfeit of
subjects to be objects like chromosomes embedded await
a person to be thought about
or someone stops at a café along the road,looks for aGirl
hearing a girl is missing or maybe she is bound up in his car
trunk already dead or waiting to be dead.Ubiquitous heat
slows down everything even crime,murder slows to utter
dream An hallucination good people speed on thru while it
hovers in stopped Air &is seen by eyes already dead only
aVision only dead eyes see while good people speed thru
nothing seen as in a cemetery or autopsy lab or museum
no mystery here

what is lost when a work is massively(re)produced,that is
Art,or animal  what is lost an aura. something on theLine
of assembly,manufactured energy, laFlor sin magia opens
petals of cheap flesh,Cash fucksTrash,business isBorn
orLife in age of material dissolution
                                  the bodies showed signs of torture,as
aSaint plucks feathers,one by one, from aLiving bird to
demonstrate how God does not interfere when a Holy man
torments Nature,one reason or another,torture of Nature a
Game or religion among some,a Science,these are my proofs
sd Descartes,
dead dog exhibit of myBrain
a bldg of philosophers,merchants discuss the nature ofMan,
rhetoric of Morality,the price of thought,price of pain,the
amount of unknown in the mind in theUniverse ofTime,the
cost of shoes &underwear in Juarez  something dead inside
as the Picton BC pig farmer,rapist & murderer of dozens
of them(whores) chopped them up &mixed ground human
parts w/slaughtered pigs(very similar taste)so the missing
girls are in yr hotdogs lunchmeat &liverwurst,even so,all
the missing dark matter is still not
accounted for

sometimes,they sd, when you cross a  shipment of drugs to
the US,
crack the border,vate,adrenaline is so high you
want to celebrate by killing women
hot & heavy on the desert is redundant but these are cold
hearted bastards these are pricks of ice
this is how he says,I only do it to bitches who deserve it
like God he decides who deserves it.this is how God was
manufactured in the black sweating place between the
scrotum & the brain the crease of grease & hair he says
the difference between God & nothing
                  is theFear running up her spine freezing in her
eyes the shivering of small things at mercy of power they
enjoy briefly but never long it must repeat again  &again
punctured &gulped down on the desert a mouse into
a snake open a cold beer after,yr
tongue explodes

because the town smells like shit
                    a boy crouched in dirt which is aHome,littered
w/dead things,car noise,household refuse,chicken bones,
egg shells, ratas gophers(they can be eaten)carcasses of
dead dogs too common to be buried,children play among
them w/out differentiation. Human waste w/desert rain
washes down from elevations into a dirt valley,no trees
nothing multiplies but quikMoney &this human garbage,a
piss stream ofTrash            theIndustrial mirage,blurs w/
blown sand,oil fumes,refineries Alchemic burnoff,the
fetid sewers,air stinks of animal meat grinding inEternal
teeth,21st c.Machinery because the town,Life,smells
like cold shit,he wants revenge for the stink  wherever
they string electric cords together until they
reach theSun theBeast drinks theSun he squats in mother
dirt  & his puppy is dead he holds it like a little girl a doll
indistinguishable from all else,skin junk dust wherever
people,because his river is a dead ditch,his eyes are not
of children   theMachine has touched the moon there
is no stop  
only the desert is clean,& the smell of metal

that little girl inside him,that once trustful who must be
disabused,pierced & spat on,cut,crushed as she was in
him pobre nino pobre hijo   he too was a pure child in
the beginning of theWorld   the species w/Mind or Soul
Compulsed to experiment on those lesser,or none  theBoy
alone in dirt w/women &dogs whose pain isUnreal yet the
screaming endless   in his search forTruth,alone,  wills
to be a monster in the image ofGod,i.e. the one who
forced him to be born from a human Organ   only the
desert is clean,the smell of metal. thoughtAlone
                                      & some are so young 4 & 8 no sex
shows the hairless pubis the thin arms,bare chest &penis
of a child  all this time only a mirror only one who shows
you a face you dont want to see,the inside girl little sad
puta lost puppy(curled up naked &whimpering) yr lost
heart yr poor little sad lost boy his little dead puppy
perrito cachorro cria        & he is of course
the missing girl

Descartes only child Francine died,age5,scarlet fever it
was said he carried around w/him all times everywhere a
lifesize automatic replica of her body

Specs: (stains, residues,remains, after images,dust on the
if this isTime    the haunted desert,dead girls wash up on
the sand daily,from all places,Intact or they are displayed
interchangeable items,a product ofDesign    everything
we use & touch becomes,a value we forget  movements of
animals may be compared w/those of automatic puppets,
sd Aristotle
   embodied in aGirl,the disconnected parts
limbs,clothes shoes bra of one discovered on another, &
someone is playing aJoke,because   as if theKillers are
girls playing w/dolls or the dolls areDead girls playing
alone,aGame of murder beyond this,    Emptiness
orSpace, scorpion &rattlesnake lizards dust crawl over
them,or   inside a gravesite vase where theirFlowers are
plastic for nothing grows here,or survives theSun as
they cannot leave,it is aHome
all bones w/out flesh reveal theMachine the reduction
of the hearts movement to a mechanical operation no
mystery here except theGirls remain

     they stood in line for the job &managers w/cameras
snapped photos of them,theInterview process he sd, &
they disappeared,notAlive again a photo of something
dispersed into terrain,pieces which could be animal,or
human or some other planets vegetation.aCamera stops
a process takes nature away,fromDying fixes a crime of
Being as nothing has a soul everything is soul theDesert
is soul w/murdered girls strewn  &dessicating

let us imagine(if we can)a female  body stretched toAll
horizons,naked sand as aFlesh composed of all atrocities
done,Autopsy photos school &baby snapshots movies of
dreams,pornography torn fashion poses  &Everything
sd in curses &Literature,delusions ofHeat &ornaments of
pain   it shimmers as a gauze of,Eons  pureImage,objetos
the pupil contracts & widens,asDeath,the brains
aperture her appearance in the killersEye as she vanishes
from theHuman,sinews strained toUnderstand or nude
skulls w/mouths wide open,screaming a power   orHowl
as they become theWind    Sagrario Rosa Paloma

theEyes pigment is dark purple,not black,notNight,as
some make things go dead in their eyes but theyContinue
to see   theExtended dead,the flow pattern of spirits
streaming out of the pineal gland
   we observe them
we see what others do not perhaps we are dead

     often air tastes like motor oil, or bread or speech
tastes like drilled oil.Or flesh tastes like gasoline or
     all things become fire or yr eyes iridesce in rain
clings to fatal intersections

we are not lost here,it is the rest ofLife fades  a person,
a history,a mirage as terrible blood of theSun drips
     out & spreads,is disappeared into the surrounding
stain,as night

theImagination cannot escape the desert it is the final


Esther Chavez Cano & the Casa Amiga Crisis Center (which she founded) compiled lists of female bodies as they were found, "Murders of Women in Ciudad Juarez, 1993-2000," available at Updates from 2002 are also available on this site, which has English translations. One of the components of the Juarez horror is the collusion/incompetence of the whole police & justice system, so information has been grossly & often deliberately garbled. Several "reasons" for the murders are offered, relating to the existence of Ciudad Juarez as both a NAFTA site & a major drug crossing site on the US border: the alignment of corrupt & inept police, both local & federal, with the narcotraficantes; the alliance of maquiladora businesses & both local & federal politicians with both the crimes & their coverup; revenge against women making wages & gaining some independence from traditional male control; sons of rich & powerful families, Los Juniors, who indulge in thrill crime without fear of punishment; factory bus drivers, Satanic cults, international organ trafficking; all of the above.

Although news attention & human outrage, Mexican & international, has brought greater scrutiny to the crimes, many young women are still missing, most of the murders remain unsolved, & the murders continue. Solid online overview of the subject is found in Jessica Livingston's Frontiers 2004 study, Murder in Juarez: Gender, Sexual Violence, & the Global Assembly Line [available on Google]; also Janice Duddy's What Is the Connection Between NAFTA and the Murders of Maquila Women? at Assoc. for Women's Rights in Development site, plus that title.

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Barbara Mor, a native of southwest American coast & desert (SoCal, AZ, NM). Work in Orpheus Grid, Sulfur, BullHead, Mesechabe, Ms., Trivia (US); Ecorche, Intimacy, Spectacular Diseases (UK). Online: DissidentVoice (6/14/04); TriviaVoices #1 (2/05), #5 (2/07), & #7-8 Double Issue (9/08); CTheory (8/4/05), (12/15/05) & (4/12/06). Author of pagan ecofeminist Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth (HarperSF 1987, 1991): smart book, dumb title.