ADI Space-based Laser The center piece of Reagan's grand monument to the useless. Now you too can share in this maniacal form of excess.
From U.S.

Jenn Air 156 Range The Jenn Air 156 Range offers you dozens of options that transcend human use. This debauchery of excess includes a down draft ventilator with a 450 cubic ft. per minute internal blower, halogen light, coil, radiant and solid elements, convection and thermal ovens, 3 different optional timers, and a versatile cook top system so you can design the style of cooking surface you want.
From Jen Air..........$1299.95

Farberware Electric Peeler The Electric Peeler from Farberware provides the convenience that most consumers desperately desire. But before you know it, this device will be collecting dust in a closet or cabinet along with your home pasta maker and electric swizzle stick, thus becoming another piece of useless technology. Comes with a built-in potato eye remover, 6 ft. cord, low voltage adapter, removable stainless steel blade. Adjustable for right or left hand use.
From Farberware..........$34.95

The Pershing II Missile Guidance System Here, the limits of excess go far beyond the visible. This terminal-guidance, all-weather gyroscopic radar/video synchronization unit lives a godly life of state of the art uselessness. The real deployment of power flows in absence, in the uncanny, non-rational margins of existence.

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