Koshun's Knob

KOSHUN SONAR  reptilian detects insurgence's electric noises 
in underground waves 
(psyche-derelict bong-beat scrawls on skull-walls sonograf)
subterraneous activity in stillness'   treasonous silence   riot in quiet

KOSHUN is amphibious grey-slavemaster-race monster
funkenstein never had this canine    atomic-bog-spawn
hurt solidifies/solid-defines into beat
bubbling venom  to burning rock-stone...
sound-weight off the scale
'get BACH   no   HIT THE DECK'
floor-killing technics    'murder' advert in death-rite/right dance

KOSHUN was never born  rose from sky-excretion 
noxious to earth-touch      (cyber-nuked 'first peopled' cultures) 
vengeance sown labour intense without wage/pension
coming bible-brain-bad in the lynch-breeze   menses-impure

KOSHUN is a necro-prancer (perennial sitting dancer)
jerked off by amputation's hands declares them gone when he comes
strewn sterile across barren ovarianscapes
effluvial semen sound shatters uterine membranes
all in funeral line    the future is carcass insinuates into the HERE
the dead never were alive   life-blow is death-watch 
KOSHUN nibbling on the info-bone 

'not annihilate but transmute' got the walking corporeal in eternal spirit flight 
permuted into plantation/reservation existence (life ransomed in oil reserves) 
explorer lays patent to the indigenous
'educate with a brain-scoop' 
dream-catcher's got a trick-brake for mental speed-freaks
KOSHUN is ras hopper on a righteous skate

nightmare unhinged hurtles across the rhythm-sphere

harm band to the wounded     castrate-procreate   choke-seed   birth plastic 
animal world's disease   stash up the gash   synthetic-tax for cancer research   
dope-up save the rain forest      organically-mechanised
cock-eye rule sees all bend down   (to the bull-lock)
to red-eye there is no bleed   /only blood)
KOSHUN hallucinated into being    in a bubble race-shuttle     

alien life germ form threat  reactive science fictitious destruction xenophobe-release
(what delusion invades gravity forces zero-reality    ill social )  
muff-diving in the dosh-pit cracks the biologic-code
nerve-motor breakdown push off the verge  up the slit & into the hole
mass movement condition's gravitational
take maggot over god  abscess spirit    soul is absence
KOSHUN's gangrene vision reads yellow

'awesome power display'     holy-hydraulics    vein-pulleys
cerebral in the churn-machine     (thoughts parts in decomposition)
otherside emerges saw-dusty ideas
sweep thought's incinerated bones
'cool slides...play it back' slime-trail  ooze  trickle-down effect 
(satan-sneak in history's back-door)    
vampire  news anchors fang deep   
mental probe  dip       below surface consciousness
creep thru the rips in the hypothalamus
arty-faeces to intellectual dung-beetles
            doctrinal rape      spermicide  
god-sperm the milky-spray unpasteurised
KOSHUN is cauterised     toxic-glands

suicide blade canvas pavement gore-splash 
'the actor shall now take a bow'
the ultimate performance cranium crawling up rectum
nail the coffin in my head   death trapped inside this skull 
carry my grave in my system

zombies awake second come genito-galvanic  
  electrocompulsive-inject in the puckered urethral
the unborn speak in shock-spurts   suckered urinal
peace is butt-shaped-pissoir to war-dick in harmony flood
                   piss blood thru the eyes on the battlefield
KOSHUN owes (soul-pawn) most to ghosts

ras lion is jesused on the lamb-path
dread-spread for donkey to walk in on
dub-bang   cloud-crack  rump-swing
screech on the scratch  on a shriek-mission  rap in the gap
deep-water-tight cosmic-flux-flow
look for me in the undertones 
KOSHUN marches in mindspaces    

strife support system  hungry?   feed on what starves
life measures (in) no halves

genitals in a hermes-harness
chemical mix&balance  rule is penile-head clamps in lead-plugged birth canals
(dam earth channels & remix the electrocution)
KOSHUN seeks alternate-thought-current flow
circles concentric around the mystic at reality check-point (computerised)

genitalise it    electrode faculty supply failure
(mechanical evil?) ignorance hisses in reply  radic-surge
battle-field magnetic   kill-urge is super-sexual need
(ah to come in bleed)  has mortal-draw-power    
live wires catch fire-breath
KOSHUN cast amid spit&flip-tails
mental prod on elemental probe
existence-core twisted in talks tangled cables
(conduct steel lobotomy    erode metal mentality)

growing up from wound what scar to become   posterity
elastic memory stretched-contracted to collapse in vaginal muscle-slackness
commute between spaces in/on the breath
KOSHUN's mind data-machine
grease-hole slick going down its own throat
(rub up & bone conscience come for the chewing)
street-corner hanging   talking to graves
ancestral projections into future deaths    computer-generated
the norm's dissemination   plug-in-jack-out insemination
form is destruction other-way

set up 'liberty sighting' committees only 'independent on sunday'
easy rolling slipped stuffed anarchist   covert-tech    secret functionary
KOSHUN is on 'pre-inception' communication systems
humanity a back-pocket-sized concept
hidden behind a beat breaks down from a joint
pop goes WORD     for letting gently down the gullet is/in cannibal god-speak

lacerate the NEW DREAM  homogenises poverty  reality fragmentary

synthetic divinity    tainted saints   cranial implants   programmed miracles
KOSHUN composes hologrammatic prose all expired images   lines among corpses
plays the computer-bard game    improv/chance-repository    crisis refraction
pythagorased at acute dupe-angles con-jerked & charred

electric enema shock waste anatomical bomb
bladder burst liquid metal urinate    viscera burn   self evaporate
KOSHUN carries vision in a micro-chip

KOSHUN rides virtual wave (breath) lengths 
hurtles towards bio-tech purgatory
serial deaths       plasma-misted screens   autocade collision
sense frontier    mind outpost
time radiance  space blackness  is  KOSHUN balance 

(apportion guilt in byte-size portions   circumstance wears the blame)
radio-shack in a back-pack    KOSHUN is jack on the walk
pumps hysterical melted plastic
(barter-bond) life is battery unit       bow at the solar altar

dread-pilot & rastanaut are KOSHUN crew in the race-craft 
marine geometry

white-dump-heart  magic site in god-flesh mould
mechanical occultist  brain an illusion domain
KOSHUN wears his darkness on the outside
& takes luminous steps  to put skins across the ozone-hole

institutional/iced silence is symphony    
dance cracks in the breaks  
bull-market gored  impaled by commerce-cross he's nailed on 
KOSHUN is lost-boy angel in devil-drag fantasy
scared vigilant against evil hag    
soft-ware freak hardcore manifest
anthropomorph to voyeur-racist
coagulated hate in conciliate node
amorphous creature subsumed in miscreant aura
KOSHUN in outer-linear loco-motion
principle gain material    history garbage future litter
locked in/on a free base     parallel existence
KOSHUN has a buffer complex (tears what pain will sustain)
notion stumped  conception  cremated    to ashen expression
birdman flown to land in a glass display  life's simulation sequence
atrophied clitoris'    dildoed-writhe   death-vibration   

esoteric-thesis  'raise the inner child'   physicalities brat out   source is sample
erase concrete identities they erode    stunted in growth turned inward 
placenta in the mouth   defense against the life-curse (lead to the wise)
crane thru cranium poet's inspired flight   storm swung across the decayed universe
compressed senses ring stress-released  wise-stream neuro-cult cracks the mainframe

born 7-7-65,orlando west,soweto.johannesburg.south africa.
studied law.write & perform full-time.
solo & with all sorts of musicians.
collaborate across the 'media-board'


6 books of poetry & prose:

horns for hondo
talking rain
the bavino sermons
blue v's
the second chapter.

two cd's:

the HALF ranthology

have written playscripts & filmscripts.