The Third Right: Hacking the American Way

Marilouise and Arthur Kroker

Hacking the American Way?
That's Newt Gingrich's
A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age
where Newt and the boys want
to hack the future
they want to tame it, train it
and hack it for profit
where Alvin Toffler wants his third
wave to drown us out
so he can go fishing in
cyberspace for
"coaxial cables, dark fibre, and digital hardware"
"It's our turn," they all chant
to download, upload, freeload
and explode what they call
"Cyberspace and the New American Dream."
But we call it a Nightmare
nothing between the underclass
and the virtual class,
No public control
just virtual elites,
Certainly no liberty for all
just Newt and the boys in a
perfect little techno-bubble
clean, sterile and immunized
from degrading American flesh
Get wired, they say
Get deregulated and upgraded
Get netted and vetted
Get multi-tasked, demassified and bit-netted
Get backslashed, backtracked and backlit
Let's surf, merge, and purge
Leave behind the First and Second Waves
and welcome the famous Third Wave.