enterd the scruffy girl into his room the typical silence
rage of piercd nose tattoo of something wild on her arm
probably all her body under the rough clothing of their
attitude perhaps a tribe of them scatterd in alleys under
bridges sleeping on busbenches waiting for night to go
out like rats scavengers of whats left after civilization
has gorgd its usual dinner

she didnt wouldnt pay him the respect of eating the food
orderd for her w/any relish not the condiment the appetite
burger fries coke one of those who ate pure or dumpster?
although he knew she was hungry  hunger was all anger
food as if not tasted omnivorous disdain for all taste only
the profound contempt for everything deservd of the
world by the young yet she ate everything every scrap
the whole cheap feast but not as food as judgment at
least absolutely honest no lady pushing nutrients away
obviously starving for her elegance the girl was an animal
not a bitch what is admirable in the young when they
refuse to become actors in a bad play

-everyone wants to live be in some other time or place he
sd finally Be different orNo be the same different world
surrounding altogether. so we imagine
he could hear her brain ticking Fuck imagination its only
money out of here and money
But that was an action her own fake script written for the
world of zookeepers like him obviously what she wanted
was for something to make sense but that was gourmet
dining not on aBurgerKing takeout menu
-i want you to think back to your origins he sd quietly
How it begins lets say your mystery
-are you a cop she mutterd   a common confusion
-Not really he sd.  underway. door opens she just walks
in  poor child for that is what she is after all
-i just help he sd  soft smile they hate the unctuous  Their
entire existence which says Nothing helps. a stubbornness
...again, the animal  he admird it
-do you need coffee or anything to stay awake?
that flicker of concern observd for the first time. she then
enterd the room finally slowly in fact details of the room
enterd her eyes of brain for the first time desk coffeepot
on desk books in shelves flowers on table in front of a
window with blinds drawn on a wall of paint not gray
not white some basic text of eggshell in which you for
now could feel safe egg placenta container around the
fragile body as yet unborn still wet still blind
How could she know the books Dostoevsky obviously
Michelet Summers KramerSprenger absurdly ancient
but for the history Koestler etc and others who presume
to relate a timeline a policy a record (cases) definition
and conclusion if any   the suggestion of coffee seemd
to have made her eyes suddenly drowsy   to be
curld in sleep  safe from theReal
-is it still dark outside
-probably not
-open the blinds then
he shruggd  There is something beyond, we all want to
avoid it dont know why
Awareness, sudden energy loss  Food in her drowsy or a
keener sense brain activatd designd to hibernate if not
escape   danger in this case this,his room poor child  as
she slumpd then straitend herself in the wooden chair
he perceivd the etchd forestbeast on her forearm seemd
to twitch maybe leap dependent on circumstance the
ink statement needld into flesh as stubborn attitude(in
space)identity orientation over any nakedness which
would reveal simple anonymous humanity   avoid
Fear    difficult for the human

sometimes they emerge from a wood a city park dwelt
w/elves and other boutiquedecor silliness twee animists
runaways terrorists hardcore junkies this one trackless
however after bodysearch theyd offerd clean(used)
clothing    she refused
-do  you hear voices and see shapes of things(that are)
not there etc it was a checklist simply
now i were in a wood should hear voices  come to me
in this room she hears a voice  he knows
-do you want to run?
she stard at his hands he used pen and paper old school
austerity   everyone does/runs
stupid things  it is heroic to be simple they think but a
fixd gaze on his hands long pale fingers the instruments
of inquiry perhaps overnervd the wires of some recall
remind her   bemused  : you arent boltd to a wall to
chains and irons or youd prefer?  genuinely smile,lean
forward Rough? colorful bruises and chains? what desire
reachable teachable she hallucinates belonging to a
meaning would be a sign     an entire body screaming  i
do not not belong here  not any world
she would not utter respond any act of selfbetrayal
-do you want to go back where you come from  just
were  some stinking alley with junkies maybe a cave
with bears? she glard but he was not mocking only to
make her laugh surely it was in her
answer bravely the voice told her  the voice told her to
spit nails and glow in the dark

-do you think someone cares if we talk  anyone  just
human here    womans apparel  no longer requird he
smild to himself  would she get it?
to get out of here,anything   she did not say that,her
brain glard that punk belligerence thru skin almost sunk
into bones into oceans or endless time via wishd to not
Be long ago then stuck w/it  Be w/him
 refusal to submit to Reality your desire
and yr friends/gang Ladidah RazorMaggoty CathyMike
others in some camp of the saints who are sullenIdolsent
romantics aging into bums all over the imagind map  she
is delusional and dresses like a bum
Become them   i totally dont care you understand  a job
he cd ask Are your illusions naked? long flowing hair
shavd polymorphd or virgin? it is all sex all sex  until it
isnt  to whom it matters would still be young   she is
he checkd his list,clock in his mind  pace it,timing is all
so i need to ask  yr relative degree of education it goes
to competence grasp on consequences   Theres soot
on some of these papers...yes. confirm you read this,&
signature  (Latin: smooth tongue ofLaw whereas they
mumble stutter at Defiance scrawl yr name    J.   )she
thinks this cd release her-- ?
at some point in this interview he quickly stood up,turnd
away then turnd back abruptly,quite dramatic  Voices
music light cd you experience them here  aRave,some
spectacle...? wraparound synethesia maybe you just need
a mommie,a strong man   is this room safe? fuck you
she glard         chronic  whatever you see hear want
             do they come as disembodied or move along the
is theLight neon radiant or electric(bulbs in bare
rooms in yr sad head) he wd rather converse music bugs
architecture even religion a discernableMind in there now
&then   then would be centuries   if girls like her would
only speak a vast conversation theyd generate archives
vaults unlockd never will never happen but the tremor of
danger movd his hand over his face in a sudden weird
exploration  did she have memory
there was light all about and so there should be All light
does not come to you    no day i do not hear them
chronic  he heard it  light up yr dreams girls
               the records of girls from these he recalld as
    several others he was confident retrievals compiles/
    composite vision face of a type always poignant natal
    confusion of some raw naivete and an intelligence
    unhealingly belligerent in its scope to know and then
    w/out recrimination escape this was more than foold
    foolish youth but defiance the kind(quality of)failure
    to allow  the best process for least of us to    process
    he falterd   (his)thought. to proceed confidently (com
 the predicate always stronger inLatin) this one
    word used twice it meant w/trust and that cd not be
    :precisely the reverse do NOT maintain them in any
illusions  but reasonableTime seasonably theReasons the
wheel the rack the world  time them spun out of control
meet yr eyes at their level suffer them to   he did not
believe or serve/service any Master plan beyond 24/7 all
qualities structures poetries light&dark  maintain sanity
-- allow them to think they will soon outthink you....
allow us to think and we will [soon] outthink you, as
all this time youve been acting weve been confined to
watching. perceiving. we are not blind
           acting is a mode of confident blindness
    blind deaf mute crippld powerless all watching is of,a
chronic submission  toAct  this a conversation he cd enjoy
not glard thru bars of cagd no thick forest or indigenous
magic birds of the Ucayali jungle
or wherever someVoice
speaks or sings alien tongue they lick their fingers clean
chewd on unicorn bones or whatever flowery soup the
Angels pourd   consume each other,on 2nd thought one
sd all is permittd  or whatever atavism drugs& highend
restaurant garbagebins  mixd w/shit their godflesh
historys redundance it dances over&over different bodies
same moves let them pretend otherwise otherwise  lost
text in Words again others wiser than you (probably not)
whatever every damn hour century the same job he wishd
she wd not be stubborn just once

driven inward they become...the Rules are monstrous for
their reasons theDreams of reason(who remembers him  )
at somepoint in this interview  the old legendry  did you
really jump from that window/yr idea of a prison, like
this?  was it witnessd??  all Nuts? no gravity ??
she almost likd him then   feel this,consensual  beyond
the witch the evil tricks  sheer dumb    u want
                                                   leap from thisTower
the fatal (wild) type

absolutely on her face he could observe a memory
  if he was   not believable,cancel                      or this
was possible in the texts their uncanny semblance of
(a) continuity so all was well his finger tappd on the
dark desk wood music or meditation he knew both in a
mind actually a taxonomy and he admird this them as
various faces as of one blood (intention,mutant gene)
/Berlin Toledo Compiegne Rouen certainly a heritage
or just a prerequisite missd he could not understand
large with responsibility to place each in its place with
its kind thus actually a taxonomy and he    this is
slippage           /Argentina records of crisis and those
who comprehendeth not
                                          he playd his part  Forget

At some point in this interview he goes mentally to the
door or window which are in reality closed &shuttered,
& looks out of his room into what is beyond; to some it
seems/is a higher building, they would look from it far
down as they crossd thru door on the courtyard below,or
a yard of some kind or parking lot. Or they would exit at
groundlevel & walk out cross a threshold directly into a
yard no distance here we are strippd down clean basics
they should respect it/this serious reality  not a Mind
    he stood reachd crossd the desk her coffee cold,empty
cup pourd out/in fresh hot            youd like to be awake
beyond (if mystery miracle authority) beyond a sky
w/smog  stink billions nothing  worth it    but precise.
Beyond out there in the prisonyard was the fire Fire
blinding enough as a Sun to be the simple sun of one
more moment but it was clearly more than this for
                 every birth seems like a death until you
come out on the other side     (vice versa,but forget   )
                                            but the stubborn ones
those like her recalcitrant(of what use) those like her
dishevld pure certitude grimd w/time not to last  a
deliberate kindness to endTime here now deliberatd
mercy R us (almost giddy,he really enjoyd this part at
finishline where all the highstrung ones reckless ones
crossd his line  she had good bones that constant fine
tremor of readiness for whatever comes next  he knew
youd look nice in a dress  why not  he thought but sd
not rather stood up kindly mien avuncular  gesture her
Go first forward into some dimension perhaps fitting
her mood   triumphant   not really  but play to it we
have nothing to lose  those like her dumb toOblivion
those like her escapd of theCommon  and proud so
in florescence of what the blind see always magnetic
those like her led from his room into their(one)final
ecstatic day
                                                       /barbara mor

Written Jan 14-24, 2012; this year is the 600 year anniversary
of Joan's birth, Jan 6, 1412-May 30, 1431. Text with quotes
reconfigured & paraphrased from Joan of Arc, In Her Own
Words, compiled & translated by Willard Trask, Books & Co.,
NY, 1996, pgs 87-144, covering her captivity, trial & last day;
& with reference to Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor.

Barbara Mor's recent book, The Blue Rental, Oliver Arts & Open Press, NYC, April 2010, contains 7 texts that first appeared in CTheory, Aug 4 2005- Sept 30, 2010. She is the author of The First God (NewAgely renamed The Great Cosmic Mother by publisher HarperCollins, 1987; 1991).