Restoration of a Mountain Bike Trail, Three Blind Mice Trail Network, Penticton, British Columbia

  • Todd Redding University of Victoria


Mountain biking is a growning recreational activity in many areas of British Columbia which can have negative environmental effects on the landbase. The purpose of this project was to restore a segment of decommissioned mountain bike trail in the Three Blind Mice Trail network in Penticton, BC. The goals of the restoration treatment were to discourage riding on that trail segment, reduce soil erosion potential and establish vegetation cover. The trail segment to be restored was 41 m long with an average slope of 9% on loamy sand soil. The restoartion treatment included blocking the trail access, decompacting the trail tread surface and planting native vegetation. The restoration was  successful in discouraging trail use and decompacting the surface to promote infiltration and reduce soil erosion potential. Vegetation establishment was partially successful with over-winter mortality of some of the transplanted species, specifically grass and herbs. Introduced agronomic species colonized the restored trail tread which has benefits related to soil stability but make it difficult for native species to colonize the treated area.
Technical Papers