The Remediation of Rock Bay, Victoria B.C.

  • Kurtis Sanderson University of Victoria


Rock Bay, Victoria, has historically been at the center of industry and development in the downtown Victoria harbour. However, throughout the industrial development of the city there has been pollution of hydrocarbons into the Bay causing deleterious effects on the residing biota. To date, many remediation projects have dealt with hydrocarbon contamination and developed a variety of methods which were employed in the Rock Bay remediation. However, what sets Rock Bay apart from the the other projects is the scale and the environment in which the remediation is taking place. Over the span of the last decade, the Rock Bay project has been slowly removing the contamination of the Bay, which was deposited over the past century of industry in the area. In hopes of one day restoring the Bay into a productive shallow marine habitat the final measures are currently being initiated to bring life back to the Bay. This paper will go into the development of the project along with methods used and potential ecological options for the long term success of the Bay.
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