Sarrana Creek Restoration

  • Peter Blenman University of Victoria


Sarrana Creek is in the Dunster Community Forest about 240 kilometres southwest of Prince George British Columbia. The forest surrounding the creek has been impacted by Mountain Pine Beetle mortality and recently the community forest decided to clear-cut portions of the dead pine. The initial site assessment showed that the creek channel was no longer flowing and instead five braided streams flowed. One side of the creek the area was supersaturated with water making timber harvest and tree regeneration impossible. The forest manager assumed that the hydrological regime shift was due to dead pine blowdown. To understand the hydrological characteristics of the site a biophysical inventory, soil pits, slope assessment, and geological assessment was performed. The results showed that pine was not the root cause of the hydrological regime shift was a previous rockslide on the site had created a complex network of drainage systems. In addition, it appears that the site is in a phreatic zone where surface water and groundwater meet. In response to the findings of the study, the community forest decided to leave the area alone and notactively pursue and restoration of the site. The manager did install two new culverts at the site to mitigate future erosion and damage from the complex drainage area. Finally, a policy of retaining larger buffers around riparian areas was implemented because of the findings of the study.
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