Stabilizing the Purple Sanicle (Sanicula bipinnatifida) sub-population and increasing density of native plants in a highly altered Garry Oak ecosystem remnant in Rithet's Bog Conservation Area in Saanich, BC

  • Louise Benckhuysen University of Victoria


This project deals with the reduction of non-native plants, and introduction of natives, as well as the promotion of purple sanicle growth in a small area of Rithet's Bog located below the development on Emily Carr Drive on the south-east side. Some work has previously been performed in this area including a 2007 survey by James Miskelly (Miskelly, 2007). A small section of wooden fencing was installed along the path where the purple sanicle is found. This project builds on these previous works, including recommendation to reduce non-native grass competition by Miskelly 2007 in order to improve the native community of this Garry oak remnant.

This project has four goals:
1- Stabilize purple sanicle population, establish possibility for growth and persistence into
future including climate change by establishing population at plateau on top of slope
2- Utilize both seed and seedlings (plugs) of purple sanicle to collect information on growth,
allow collection of differences in growth in the future through monitoring of the site
3- Establish and increase population of native species that can persist into the future in the
face of climate change
4- Increase the density of native plants on site including grasses, herbs, and forbs.

Technical Papers