Restoration and Learning Gardens in Georgia Park

  • Rhia Ironside University of Victoria


Georgia Park is a 2 hectare parcel of land in the southern end of Campbell River, BC. Impacted by construction during the 1990’s, the land is disturbed by soil compaction, altered hydrology and invasive plant species. Inspired by Lisa Walls, a teacher at Georgia Park Elementary, Greenways Trust got engaged to fund restoration work on the site in the spring of 2018. This project offers a vegetation survey of the site and plans for creating two native plant learning gardens for students and teachers to use as an educational resource as well as recommendations for blackberry removal and native species planting. The project was implemented in the fall of 2018 with mechanical removal of the blackberries followed by planting of conifers and shrubs. The learning gardens are implemented with planting of native shrubs and herbs to enhance biodiversity and enhance the use of the site as an outdoor classroom.
Technical Papers