A Detailed look at scrubby and woodland Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) and Douglas-Fir (Pseudo-tsuga Menziensii) ecosystems, invasive species, and removal of Daphne laureola in an urban park under development in View Royal, British Columbia

  • M. Sawatzky University of Victoria


The research and data presented in this report documents the current ecology, tree distriburiton & health, invasive species colonization, and monitoring & removal of Daphne laureola at an urban park in View Royal, sounther Vancouver Island, BC. This project was made possible by Valentin Schaefer and the REstoration of Natural Systems Progam at the University of Victoria and is submitted for the course ER390. The intent is that the document be useful in the monitoring and inventory of the site for future work and reinforces the fact that we need to realize the recommendation of regular invasive species removal in View Royal and throughout the city of Victoria. The management plan for the iste was developed by Amanda Evans in 2011, submitted to the city of View Royal by GOERT, and outlines a well-designed rigorous restoration plan. After five years it appears the park has gone by the wayside with regards to restoration. Invasive specied run rampant and have choked out native vegetation throughout the park, and continue to spread, everyday. This park contains threatened Garry Oak and Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystems and rare species only found therein. In order to conservit we as a city and its citizens must act now.

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