Salmon Habitat Restoration Practice in Vancouver Island: An active review of the literature developed by restoration practitioners to restore salmon habitat degraded by forestry practises.

  • German Ocampo University of Victoria


Wild Salmon on the Pacific Northwest coast are under threat. Historical silvicultural activities, both timber harvesting and road construction have degraded salmon habitat all over the coast to the point that many watersheds currently require restoration. This project developed an interactive tool to review the project reports developed by restoration practitioners to restore salmon habitat degraded by silviculture practices on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The project reviewed restoration reports on this specific area of restoration to serve as a first step to inform future restoration projects or people interested in salmon habitat restoration. The project also serves as a repository where grey literature on this topic can be easily accessed. This project stores restoration reports describing management actions planned, underway, and completed easily accessible. This project surveyed non-scholarly sources (grey literature) to provide an overview highlighting a variety of attributes such as:

  • The name of organizations carrying out the project
  • Date of publication and timeline of the project
  • A description of the location and overview of ecosystems managed
  • Project expenditures and funding sources
  • A summary of the methods/techniques used
  • Evaluation of project outcomes
  • Compilation of monitoring data


Technical Papers