Ecological Restoration Monitoring Project and Monitoring Protocols for the Garry Oak Ecosystems on the University of Victoria Campus

  • Janey Thomas University of Victoria


In this ER390 project, techniques were designed and implemented to monitor the ongoing ecological restoration of the Garry oak meadow on the University of Victoria campus. Previous works include manual invasive plant removal followed by native plant seeding trial plots designed by UVic RNS student Breila Pimm, snowberry removal trial plots designed and implemented by John Kang, and general ongoing invasive plant removal within the campus Garry oak ecosystems by many UVic students. In May of 2021, 6 transects were performed within the extent of the large deep soil section of the campus meadow, in which photos were taken of the species found along each transect and uploaded to iNaturalist for identification. As a result, the transects successfully identified 49 species within the meadow, displaying an efficient method for plant identification within the Garry oak meadow on campus. In each of Pimm’s trial plots, a 1m by 1m quadrat was placed inside and outside of the plot, and all plants in each quadrat were identified to compare plants found within the trial plots to the plants outside of the plot. In each of Kang’s plots, a 1m by 1m quadrat was also placed on the inside of each plot, and snowberry shoots were counted. For Pimm’s trial plots, further efforts are likely required to establish more native plants such as plantings, cuttings, or increased seeding pressures. In Kang’s plots, the complete removal of snowberry roots and shoots was likely the most effective method for snowberry removal, and counting snowberry shoots within a 1m quadrat will likely reveal the success of removal with time.

Technical Papers