Field Restoration of the Southeast Woods in Beacon Hill Park

Final Report on the Study and Restoration of the Black Cottonwood Population

  • Sarah Hughes University of Victoria


Populus balsamifera spp. trichocarpa (Black Cottonwood) is a deciduous tree species in Victoria, BC's Southeast Woods of Beacon Hill Park (BHP). Black cottonwoods are a common riparian species that grow in floodplain and wetland ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. 

This project aims to deduce why the Black cottonwood population in Beacon Hill Park has stopped propagating and if there is any way to induce natural propagation. The goal of this project is to increase the health and diversity of black cottonwood trees in Southeast Woods. The objective of this project is to plant the potted cottonwoods in different areas and see if there is any difference in growth. Methods for this objective included taking cuttings from nearby black cottonwoods and planting live stakes, potted-rooted cuttings, and saplings in different areas within the Southeast Woods. This report summarizes the restoration work implemented in Beacon Hill Park and the analysis of the Black cottonwood population.


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