UVIC South Woods Analysis&Bird Habitat Restoration

  • Michelle Kramer University of Victoria


The University of Victoria's South Woods deals primarily with issues of human influence. The area is heavily cut by paths, and is surrounded by adjacent roadways, leading to habitat degradation and increased structural and functional threats within the ecosystem due to invasive species and fragmentation. The South Woods is designated as a 'natural area' in the official Campus Plan of the University of Victoria (University of Victoria, 2003). Currently, no ongoing monetary or physical effort on behalf of UVIC is being made to maintain this natural area. The purpose of this report is to highlight that restoration effort, such as the addition of bird and bat boxes, are required in this area to increase habitat value. The report will present the site history and analysis, bird box restoration process, and will conclude with some recommendations in response to the findings of the site analysis.
Following issues will be discussed in an attempt to facilitate discussions among other restoration practitioners; removal of invasive species and native species planting, removal of dead trees, and conversion of the area into a wetland. The restoration of bird habitats was carried out by evaluating wildlife trees and implementing bird boxes.

Technical Papers