Habitat Restoration and Blue-grey Taildropper Monitoring at the Prospect Lake Covenant

  • Bryana Matthews University of Victoria


The Blue-grey Taildropper is a species of slug found in the Pacific Northwest, with its northern extent reaching southern Vancouver Island. In 2006, the Blue-grey Taildropper was listed by COSEWIC as endangered in Canada, with its primary threat being habitat loss and degradation. As of 2012, the Blue-grey Taildropper had been observed in two locations within 2 km of the Prospect Lake Covenant. Recently, the landowners of the covenant have noticed an increase in the abundance of invasive shrub species around the site. For these reasons, this study focused on habitat restoration and surveying for the presence of the Blue-grey Taildropper at the Prospect Lake Covenant.
In the future, further management will be required at the Prospect Lake Covenant. Future restoration efforts involve controlling, eradicating and monitoring invasive shrub species. Other recommendations include removing the invasive herbaceous species and planting native species if natural re-colonization of disturbed areas does not occur. Long-term monitoring for the Blue-grey Taildropper will increase the probability of detection, while long-term photo monitoring will allow changes in the covenant to be detected.

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