Restoration Trials in Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area Near Kamloops, BC

  • Montana Clarke University of Victoria


Grassland ecosystems in British Columbia's southern interior face multiple threats, including improper recreational use and the encroachment of non-native and invasive species. This study aimed to begin addressing these concerns at a localized scale by undertaking a series of restoration trials. Restoration trials were conducted in partnership with local organizations, the Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia (GCC) and the Kamloops Naturalist Club (KNC). Efforts were focused on Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area near Kamloops, British Columbia at two disturbed sites, site A and site B. The goal for site A was to assist the native plant community recovery in ATV tracks on Red Hill. The goal for site B focused on implementing a test plot for future comparison of different restoration interventions to manage non-native and invasive species. Restoration treatments commenced in fall 2023 and included setting up test plots, removal of non-native and invasive species, planting native vegetation, placing down bark chips for moisture retention, and providing water to help ensure plant survival. Follow up visits were conducted between fall 2023 and spring 2024 to record progress. Site visits in spring 2024 seemed to indicate high survival rates of transplanted vegetation from visual observation with no apparent human-caused disruption to the trial sites. While these initial findings seem promising, long-term monitoring is necessary to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of these restoration trial efforts. It is hoped that the outcomes of the restoration activities undertaken at sites A and B will provide usable results for future comparison and decision making.

Technical Papers