Author Guidelines

Submissions: Articles and Notes

Submissions are encouraged from scholars working in all areas of historical research. Occasionally, issues will have a thematic focus, in which case a call for submissions will be made accordingly.

Authors have the option of submitting articles in one of two formats:

1. Research Articles

Based on original primary source research and grounded in relevant literature
20-25 pages (5000-6500 words)

2. Research Notes

Reflective essays, works-in-progress, and “think pieces”
Not necessarily based on primary source analysis, but must demonstrate an element of originality
Designed to garner comments and feedback
7-10 pages (2500 words)

Both types of submissions are peer-reviewed.

Blind Submissions

We ask that you consult Ensuring Blind Submissions to ensure that your submission is reviewed anonymously.

Preparation of Manuscripts

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Please use footnotes (not endnotes). Refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for matters of footnote style.
In references to archival material, entries move from large (repository) to small (individual item)
Please insert page numbers, but do not insert any other headers or footers.
Please include a title and abstract.
Please submit in 12-point font and double-spaced.
Figures, illustrations, charts and tables should be embedded in the text. All should appear in black and white only.
Any quotation longer than three lines of regular text should be set off as a block quote.
Use words to express numbers up to 99, and numbers to express numbers 100 and higher.