• Emmanuel Grupper Ono Academic College
  • James P. Anglin University of Victoria
  • Anna Katharina Schmid University of Applied Sciences
Keywords: child, youth, families, research, practice, intervention, leadership, communities, welfare, health, kidshealth, family service, mental health, justice, empowerment


This special issue of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (IJCYFS) is dedicated to a most important and current subject – inclusion – as an answer of social educators and many other social agents to one of the most crucial social phenomena of our time: namely, social exclusion. We are witnessing around the world incidents of aggression and violence that are sometimes attributed to the effects of exclusion, either at an individual or more collective level. Our social and economic structures appear designed to exclude all too many from the benefits and fruits of society. The African concept of “Ubuntu” (“I am a person because of other persons”) seems very relevant here. How do we share spaces, resources, opportunities, and create a sense of belonging across our many differences and contexts?

Inclusion was the theme of a world congress of the International Federation of Educative Communities (FICE), held in Bern, Switzerland in October 2013. Most of the articles in this special issue are based on presentations made at that congress. We would like to thank all contributors for formalizing and revising their presentations with input from our editors for this special issue. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of Carol Kelly and Varda Mann-Feder to the review process. Finally, we are also most thankful to the co-editors of the IJCYFS, Drs. Sibylle Artz and Jennifer White, for inviting us to contribute this quite unique special issue related to the work and history of FICE International.


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Grupper, E., Anglin, J. P., & Schmid, A. K. (2015). INTRODUCTION TO THE SPECIAL ISSUE ON INCLUSION. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 6(3), 347-352.