• Mohammed Abdel Karim Al-Hourani University of Sharjah


I am thankful for the opportunity to produce this special issue on refugees in Jordan, and grateful to Professor Sibylle Artz, Editor of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, who motivated and encouraged me. The issue includes four articles that focus in general on the problems and challenges that are encountered by Syrian youth and children who reside in Jordan either inside or outside the refugee camps there. Focusing on children and youth, both male and female, is important to the literature on Syrian refugees in Jordan because this age group has been neglected and overlooked by scholars since Syrian refugees first fled to Jordan in 2011. Furthermore, the challenges and problems of children are both culturally critical and morally sensitive, and that is why this special issue has extra importance. In Jordan’s conservative social and cultural environment, certain research topics relevant to the refugee camps are regarded as unlawful and prohibited: sexual harassment, underage marriage, child employment and exploitation, youth unemployment and deprivation, and other violations against children and youth.

Author Biography

Mohammed Abdel Karim Al-Hourani, University of Sharjah

Associate Professor of Applied Sociological Theory, Sociology Department