• Uju I. Nnubia University of Nigeria
  • Nancy C. Emmanuel University of Nigeria
Keywords: depression, anxiety disorder, mental health, adolescents, gender variations, Nigeria


Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale. Analyses were carried out with the SPSS statistical software (version 21); frequencies and percentages, chi-squared statistics, and point-biserial correlations were examined. Results showed a high (35.4%) prevalence of general anxiety and depression among adolescents. Male respondents had a higher proportion of anxiety (32.1%), depression (31.5%), and general anxiety and depression (44.8%) compared to females who had 20.9% symptomatic depression, 21.9% anxiety, and 29.2% general anxiety and depression. Correlates of mental health symptoms in boys were mothers’ education and living with guardians. Having unemployed fathers correlated with anxiety symptoms in girls. Age, class, perceived family socioeconomic status, and emotional connection with parents/guardians were significantly correlated with mental health in both male and female adolescents; however, the pattern of these interactions varied between the genders. Since this study has shown that gender variations exist in the prevalence and correlates of poor mental health among Nigerian adolescents, programs targeting them should reflect gender considerations.


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Author Biographies

Uju I. Nnubia , University of Nigeria

lecturer, Family and Child Studies Unit, Department of Home Science and Management

Nancy C. Emmanuel, University of Nigeria

recent graduate, Department of Home Science and Management


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