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The International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (IJCYFS) is a peer reviewed,open access, interdisciplinary, cross-national journal that is committed to scholarly excellence in the field of research about and services for children, youth, families and their communities.


Call for proposals of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies:
An empirical exploration of child and youth care pedagogical and curricular practices

Child and youth care/work programs across Canada aim to effectively train future practitioners to support, nurture and empower children and youth in various contexts. Several authors have provided meaningful recommendations and insights about effective teaching practices based on their personal and professional experiences. Little empirical research has been carried out on students’ perspectives about their learning processes and experiences in child and youth care programs.

This special issue seeks to fill this gap by bringing together research that provides students’ viewpoints on the processes, impact and value of various pedagogical strategies and curriculum in child and youth care courses. Aimed at better understanding and contributing to the field of teaching child and youth care/work, we invite articles that reflect a diversity of teaching and learning practices and approaches from different institutions across Canada offering child and youth care/work programs. We also encourage submissions that use a range of methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed, Indigenous, and community-based. We are particularly interested in papers that address critical pedagogies and curricula, including those that center historically excluded perspectives (for example, Indigenous, Afrocentric, feminist, environmental, queer and trans studies)

Researchers who wish to contribute to this special issue are invited to submit a proposal with a title and an abstract of their paper. We encourage authors to specify the context of the study, the methodology, and the status of ethics approval for the study. The abstract should be no longer than 500 words and submitted by Wednesday April 17th 2019. The guest editors will review these abstracts and contact the authors of proposals that best fit the theme of the special issue to invite them to develop and submit a manuscript. Full papers are subsequently due by Wednesday September 18th 2019 and will be subject to an anonymous peer-review process. The scheduled publishing date for the issue is in 2020.

You can send your proposal and direct your questions to co-editors:

Johanne Jean-Pierre, Ryerson University,

Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, Concordia University,

Sandrina de Finney, University of Victoria,  


Deadline for the submission of abstracts: Wednesday April 17th 2019

Deadline for the submission of manuscripts: Wednesday September 18th 2019

Vol 10, No 2-3 (2019): International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Special issue: “Life Matters: Understanding and Responding to Pain-Based Behaviourin Child and Youth Care Work”


Guest editors:

James P. Anglin, Canada

Lilia M. Zaharieva, Canada

Table of Contents


James P. Anglin, Lilia M. Zaharieva
Larry K. Brendtro
Lilia M. Zaharieva, James P. Anglin
Heather Modlin
Martha J. Holden, Deborah Sellers
Maurice Fenton
Annette Jackson, Raeleen J. McKenzie, Margarita Frederico
Howard Bath
James P. Anglin, Angela Scott