Call for Papers- Wellness-Based Indigenous Health Interventions

The International Journal of Indigenous Health (IJIH), in collaborative partnership with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), is pleased to announce a call for submissions for publication in the 2015 Special Thematic Issue on “Wellness-Based Indigenous Health Interventions”.

In this special call for papers the IJIH and FNHA request Community-based Articles, Research Articles, and Research Trainee Articles from academic and community-based researchers and practitioners in Indigenous Health.  Primary areas of interest for this special thematic issue include: managing chronic disease, mental wellness, building resiliency at the community and/or individual level, and using culturally appropriate indicators as a way to measure Indigenous wellness.

Complete manuscripts that meet submission guidelines and represent the final version ready for peer review are due by June 1, 2015. The FNHA is also offering preliminary screening and advising for community-based researchers and practitioners from within British Columbia, which is meant to strengthen the manuscript so that it fits within formal guidelines, including structure, methodology, formatting and language, but maintains community voice and perspective. If you would like to have your submissions reviewed by FNHA, please submit before May 1, 2015.

Further information and the full call for papers can be found on both partner websites at: IJIH & FNHA