‘From Woundedness to Resilience’: A Critical Review from an Aboriginal Perspective

  • Barry Lavallee (Métis and Saulteaux) MD,MClSc UWO, CCFP, FCFP, Aboriginal Health and Wellness Center of Winnipeg
  • Lorne Clearsky (Saulteaux) MD, FRCPC, Assistant Professor,Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba
Keywords: Colonization, non-deficit, knowledge, structural analysis


A critical reflection of the recent call for papers by the National Aboriginal Health Organization permits a greater understanding of what is encompassed in the title ‘from woundedness to resilience’. The philosophical basis behind the title reflects a Eurocentric perspective. It is this perspective that places limitations in the sharing of Aboriginal stories of failures and successes.A variety of Aboriginal authors nationally and internationally assist us in engaging in an iterative process in order to deconstruct, reflect, and reconstruct the call for papers. Seeking a decolonized and non-deficit framework facilitates an Aboriginal-centered process that allows the sharing of our urban health and healing stories.