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Illumine: Journal of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society Graduate Students Association

Welcome to Illumine, an interdisciplinary journal produced by graduate students at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS) at the University of Victoria, Canada.

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International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies

The International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (IJCYFS) is a peer reviewed,open access, interdisciplinary, cross-national journal that is committed to scholarly excellence in the field of research about and services for children, youth, families and their communities.


Call for proposals of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies:
An empirical exploration of child and youth care pedagogical and curricular practices

Child and youth care/work programs across Canada aim to effectively train future practitioners to support, nurture and empower children and youth in various contexts. Several authors have provided meaningful recommendations and insights about effective teaching practices based on their personal and professional experiences. Little empirical research has been carried out on students’ perspectives about their learning processes and experiences in child and youth care programs.

This special issue seeks to fill this gap by bringing together research that provides students’ viewpoints on the processes, impact and value of various pedagogical strategies and curriculum in child and youth care courses. Aimed at better understanding and contributing to the field of teaching child and youth care/work, we invite articles that reflect a diversity of teaching and learning practices and approaches from different institutions across Canada offering child and youth care/work programs. We also encourage submissions that use a range of methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed, Indigenous, and community-based. We are particularly interested in papers that address critical pedagogies and curricula, including those that center historically excluded perspectives (for example, Indigenous, Afrocentric, feminist, environmental, queer and trans studies)

This Call for Proposals is now CLOSED. The guest editors will review the abstracts received and contact the authors of proposals that best fit the theme of the special issue to invite them to develop and submit a manuscript. Full papers are subsequently due by Wednesday, September 18th 2019 and will be subject to an anonymous peer-review process. The scheduled publishing date for the issue is in 2020.

Guest editors of this special issue are:

Johanne Jean-Pierre, Ryerson University,

Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, Concordia University,

Sandrina de Finney, University of Victoria,  

Deadline for the submission of manuscripts: Wednesday, September 18th 2019


Thank you to all authors who have submitted articles since January 2019.

Submissions are now closed until October 2019.

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International Journal of Indigenous Health

The International Journal of Indigenous Health (IJIH) was established to advance knowledge and understanding to improve Indigenous health. IJIH is peer-reviewed, online, and open-access.


Dalla Lana School of Public Health
University of Toronto
155 College Street, Toronto, Suite 400
Ontario, Canada

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International Journal of Social Studies Review

The International Journal of Social Studies Review (IjSSr) is focused on supporting participatory critical social studies education in aid of peace, social, political, environmental, economic, and cultural justice. The IjSSr believes all Social Studies education is political and that teaching and learning should be practiced as  moral and ethical interventions in the world.  The IjSSr is dedicated to publishing articles that challenge the conventional and popular construction and delivery of Socials studies education that stresses the sage on the stage banking model of education. Social Studies is an art, where the heart meets the mind. The IjSSr will seek to support the meaningful exploration, analysis and discussion of controversial and pressing issues in Social Studies education. IjSSr blends scholarship and social activism.  The IjSSr invites reviews of articles, and book reviews related to Social Studies education from teachers, student teachers, graduate students, and faculty members that include the author's personal perspectives. Using new media technology, this journal will attempt to bridge the gap between scholarly research and social modes of knowledge mobilization and dissemination.

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Island Writer Magazine

The Victoria Writers’ Society is pleased to present a collection of articles, poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction by Vancouver Island and Gulf Island writers.

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