Movement and Clay

  • Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck University of Victoria Child Care Services


Our program, like many other early childhood programs, is an environment of emergent and playbased programming for twenty-five 3-and 4-year-old children. In September 2011 we decided to introduce clay into our program. We had been moving toward presenting materials in our space that are open ended, rather than fixed or prescribed in meaning, and that allow for change. Materials that inspire imagination, creativity, and exploration. It was hoped that the introduction of clay would extend on and allow for a creative and divergent thinking process that only open-ended materials can provide for the children, families, and educators of the centre. What follows are my reflections on our work with clay: how this material led us to a state of inquiry, exploration, wonder, and dialogue. The story of how clay became alive in our space, our ideas, and our minds and ultimately led us to a line of flight we couldn’t have imagined, a place of new questions and changing dialogues.

Author Biography

Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck, University of Victoria Child Care Services
Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck is an early childhood educator and supervisor of a 3- to 5-year-old program at the University of Victoria’s Child Care Services. She strives to be in a state of exploration, wonder, and dialogue with the children, families, materials, and her fellow educators at the centre. She finds joy in the ordinary moments of the day and loves to find comfort in those uncomfortable moments of inquiry and question.
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