Well-being in the Kindergarten Eating Environment and the Role of Early Childhood Educators

  • Japji Anna Bas
Keywords: full-day kindergarten, early childhood education, well-being, eating environments


In Ontario, kindergarten children have

recently begun to eat lunch at school with the

implementation of the full-day kindergarten

program. To date, there are no regulations to

address the particular needs of young children

in the school eating environment. Drawing on

a year-long three-phase study that followed a

cohort of 21 children as they transitioned from

full-day childcare to full-day kindergarten,

this study explores the impact of staff training

and staff relationships on the well-being of

kindergarten students. Findings suggest that the

presence of an early childhood educator (ECE),

a minimum staffing of two adults per room, and

a collaborative approach between teacher and

ECE have a positive impact on child well-being.

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