An Uncertain Tale: Alternative Conceptualizations of Pedagogical Leadership

  • Kim Atkinson
  • Lexie Biegun
Keywords: pedagogical leadership, pedagogical narration, critically reflective practice, pedagogical facilitator, culture of dialogue, early childhood education


This article draws on the experiences of two

educators to reimagine traditional framings

of pedagogical leadership. In the field of early

childhood education, pedagogical leadership

carries conflicting conceptualizations and is

often associated with an “expert” who will

dictate indicators of quality, suggesting certainty

and fixed ways of practicing. Educators are often

reluctant to take on leadership roles that seem

antithetical to their collaborative caring practices.

In our work together in the Investigating Quality

Project and in using pedagogical narration as a

tool for generating critical dialogue, we explore

alternative images of pedagogical leadership.

Through sharing our stories, we offer a mode

of thinking about pedagogical leadership that

embraces relationality and uncertainty and

invites a culture of dialogue.


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Atkinson, K., & Biegun, L. (2018). An Uncertain Tale: Alternative Conceptualizations of Pedagogical Leadership. Journal of Childhood Studies, 42(4), 61-68.