Becoming Garden

  • Kelsey Wapenaar
  • Aideen DeSchutter
Keywords: garden inquiry, common worlds, becoming, experimentation, community


This paper is composed of a series of moments that evolved from an inquiry with our community garden plot. This inquiry involved children’s, educators’, and families’ experimentations and processes of “coming to know” the garden. We attempt to grapple with the messiness of a “garden” and the assemblages and binaries that exist within it. We experiment with sitting in our garden as a space not yet defined. Through this process, we found that a community garden is open to a plurality of possibilities. This entangled process of coming to know speaks to the imaginary and involves layers of touching, hearing, seeing, drawing, talking, writing, and storying our garden.


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Wapenaar, K., & DeSchutter, A. (2018). Becoming Garden. Journal of Childhood Studies, 43(1), 81-86.