The Living Wall: Implementing and Interpreting Pedagogical Documentation in Specialized ELCC Settings

  • Carolyn Bjartveit
  • Cathy Smey Carston
  • Joanne Baxtor
  • Jennifer Hart
  • Cheryl Greenidge
Keywords: listening; Living Wall; pedagogical documentation; specialized ECE


The program approach in specialized early learning programs may result in adults focusing too intently on therapeutic treatment reports and disabilities and not on the stories children share through play. Observing, listening, and documenting play scripts can shift adults’ focus and make the self of children and their interests visible. Exploring different ways of documenting children’s experiences in specialized educational settings
was the impetus for this paper. The Living Wall—a form of pedagogical documentation—aligns with Ted Aoki’s notion of a “curriculum-as-lived-experience” that honours children and gives them a voice through the collection and interpretation of their artwork, dialogue, and imaginative play scripts.

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