Living Speculative Pedagogies as Boundary-Crossing Dialogues

  • B. Denise Hodgins
  • Narda Nelson
  • Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck
  • Xiaofeng Ke
  • Rosalind Turcotte
Keywords: pedagogical development, listening, common worlds, climate change


This article shares the experience of expanding what was initiated at the SPARK conference as one example of engaging pedagogical development as an ongoing critically reflective boundary-crossing dialogue. It extends conversations in relation to a climate change inquiry project that explored thinking with trees by revisiting a concept integral to our inquiry—listening— in order to critically interrogate our pedagogical assumptions, actions, and aspirations. This approach to curriculum and pedagogy keeps the question “Now what?” continuously in the frame as a guide for living unfinished, uncertain, and speculative doings and dialogues in the classroom.

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