Colonialism in Early Education, Care, and Intervention: A Knowledge Synthesis

  • Kathryn Underwood
  • Nicole Ineese-Nash
  • Arlene Haché
Keywords: Indigenous childhoods; childhood disability; early intervention


This knowledge synthesis aims to understand Indigenous experiences of early childhood education, care, family support, intervention, health, and Indigenous services in the context of childhood disability. Each of these institutional contexts has its own underlying professional discourses and worldviews. Knowledge from three sources have been synthesized: (1) interviews with Indigenous families about their experiences of having disabled children, conducted through the Inclusive Early Childhood Service System (IECSS) Project; (2) analysis of the IECSS interviews by the District
of Temiskaming Elders Council and Indigenous community partners; and (3) the existing body of literature on disability and Indigenous children.
This project was conducted in partnership with a mixed team of Indigenous and settler researchers.

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