Entanglements with Reggio in Northern Ontario, Canada

  • Julie Kelly
  • Sophie Anne Edwards
  • Sharon Speir
Keywords: dialogue with place; relationality; listening; reconciliation


In the fall and spring, water beckons to us to “jump the fence” and follow the pathways created by seasonal water changes within the watershed. Inspired by Reggio Children’s Dialogues with Places and their pedagogies of listening and relationality, we wonder how paying attention to water might open a different, imaginative space as we question our ongoing colonial relationships with land and water intended to keep water at a distance. Through photos and artwork, we make visible some of the dialogic and empathetic relationships between children and water while making the case that these Reggio principles are relevant to our engagements with children and place.


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Kelly, J., Edwards, S. A., & Speir, S. (2019). Entanglements with Reggio in Northern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Childhood Studies, 44(5), 54-65. https://doi.org/10.18357/jcs00019332