Transmedial Worlds with Social Impact: Exploring Intergenerational Learning in Collaborative Video Game Design

  • Juan C. Mansilla
  • Liliana Mejía Betancur
  • Claudia Queiroz Lambach
Keywords: children; elders; intergenerational game design; phygital gameplay; transmedia world building


This article’s focus is the creation of intergenerational game design experiences supported by phygital video games (i.e., games that feature both digital and physical elements) for children 8–12 years of age and elders 65 years and over living in Paris and Bagnolet, France. The purpose of the article is twofold: first, to give an account of our protocol activity to highlight the implementation difficulties associated with this kind of intergenerational gameplay, and second, to inspire researchers, educators, and caregivers to include innovative uses of transmedia world building and collaborative game design as tools to connect different generations and foster community participation in intergenerational programs.

Special Issue - Reconceptualizing children, teaching and learning through intergenerational programming