Witnessing the Ruins: Speculative Stories of Caring for the Particular and the Peculiar

  • John Drew
  • Kelly-Ann MacAlpine
Keywords: pedagogies, children and animals, care, early childhood education, more-than-human relations


Educational scholars and practitioners are confronting long-held anthropocentric pedagogical practices as well as notions of care. To trouble the notion of care, this article draws from the collaborative research that stories the collective experiences of children, educators, and researchers at an early years learning centre located in an emerging suburban enclave of a mid-sized city in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Our work is guided by the question of how we as educators and scholars reclaim and augment the politics of care. Through the practice of storying everyday encounters, we explore how emerging and precarious relations with more-than-human others, both real and imaginary, challenge anthropocentric notions of care.

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