Memories of a Girl Between Worlds: Speculative Common Worldings

Keywords: Collective biography, childhood memories, SF, diffraction, pluriversal pedagogies


This article combines collective biography, diffractive analysis, and speculative fabulation to weave together the authors’ childhood memories of “common worlding.” Our collective biography brings into focus how we engaged in common worlding in our childhoods through dreaming, metamorphosis, and play by tactfully moving across different worlds and learning with the human and more-than-human others we encountered. As we foreground childhood memory and its potential to reimagine pasts, presents, and futures, we explore what kind of conditions are necessary to (re)attune ourselves to the multiple worlds around us in order to maintain and nurture children’s—and our own—other-worldly connections.


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Pretti, E. do L. e, Jiang, J., Nielsen, A., Goebel, J., & Silova, I. (2022). Memories of a Girl Between Worlds: Speculative Common Worldings. Journal of Childhood Studies, 14-28.
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