Common Worlding Pedagogies: Opening Up to Learning with Worlds

Keywords: common worlding, multispecies pedagogies, walking methods, place stories, speculative mapping, decolonizing pedagogies


Common worlding is a collective pedagogical approach. It is also a deliberate move to open up education to worlds beyond narrow human preoccupations and concerns and beyond its standard framing as an exclusively social practice. In this article, we identify some of the guiding principles that underpin this approach and explain how they work out in practice. We do so by offering a selection of illustrative vignettes drawn from the Walking with Wildlife in Wild Weather Times early childhood research project in Canberra, Australia, and from the Witnessing the Ruins of Progress early childhood research collaboratory in Ontario, Canada.


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Taylor, A., Zakharova, T., & Cullen, M. (2021). Common Worlding Pedagogies: Opening Up to Learning with Worlds. Journal of Childhood Studies, 46(4), 74-88.