Songhees Pictorial: A History of the Songhees People as Seen by Outsiders, 1790-1912, by Grant Keddie

  • Don Welsh

Author Biography

Don Welsh
I was born on Feb 9th 1946 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon from 1964 through
1969 and later in 1970, graduating with an Honours
BA and later entering the Masters program under
Dr. Pohorechy who taught me artifact illustration
and intellectual independance. I "dropped out",
went to the Haight Ashbury and Berkeley, lived in
country communes, became an artist, worked in
a print shop and book bindery, became a juggler,
made juggling equipment and put on light shows.
My interests returned to archaeology in the early
1990's after moving to the White Rock area. R.G.
Matson was pivotal in helping me access local
archaeology knowledge which led to my current
position as Archaeologist in the Land Claims
Department of the Semiahmoo First Nation. I am
currently married with five sons, a daughter and
two grandsons.