Archaeological Survey in Chehalis Territory

  • Adrian Sanders
  • Morgan Ritchie

Author Biographies

Adrian Sanders
A long-time resident of Vancouver, originally from
rural Manitoba, Adrian Sanders has left a career as
an electrician to pursue anthropology. Now in his fourth year of study at UBC, where he is completing
his honors degree in anthropology, Adrian plans to
pursue archaeology both academically and practically.
His honors thesis is on the spatial analysis of housepit features along the Harrison River. In maintaining a balanced approach to academic life, Adrian seeks adventure around the world and at home in the great outdoors of BC.
Morgan Ritchie
Morgan Ritchie of Port Coquitlam is completing his BA
in archaeology at SFU where he looks to continue his
study as an MA student. Morgan is well on his way to
pursuing his dream of applying archaeological research to world travel, as he has already spent summer field seasons working in Georgia in the American Southeast and in Ecuador.