A Late Pleistocene Site on Oregon's Southern Coast

  • Roberta L. Hall
  • Loren Davis
  • Michele Punke

Author Biographies

Roberta L. Hall
Roberta Hall (PhD, University of Oregon, 1970) became involved in coastal prehistory when she taught in the Anthropology Department at the University of Victoria from 1970 to 1974. Her work at Oregon State University from 1974 to the present involves studies in human biological adaptation, medical anthropology, and southern Oregon coast prehistory.
Loren Davis
Loren Davis earned a PhD from the University of Alberta in 2001. On the faculty at Oregon State University, he has research interests in the archaeology, geoarchaeology, and Quaternary geology of western North American and Baja California, with a special interest in the Pleistocene peopling of North America.
Michele Punke
Michele Punke completed a master's degree emphasizing archaeology at Oregon State University (OSU), in 2001 and currently is a doctoral candidate in Geosciences at OSU. Her research involves physical landscape processes, digital modeling, archaeology, and GIS applications in