Does it matter where they come from? This is the duty of humanity

  • Iván Győző Somlai


The author describes his personal experience as a young refugee from a revolution in Europe, through his later intimate contact with three refugee communities in the course of decades of work in Asia, and reflects upon the greater context of the numerous issues impacting on decision-making and enveloping the sphere of refugees. Especially in the current tide of millions displaced, it is not possible in times of crises to simply segue in an attempt to harmonize the exceedingly complex situation. All components of the inter-related issues and results, namely causes of flight, reception outside their home countries, plans for resettlement and actual resettlement, as well as retaining some level of communication with those left behind need to be understood through improved, proactive planning and preparation.


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Author Biography

Iván Győző Somlai

Iván’s career with universities and private consulting has encompassed development cooperation around the globe. Be it strengthening local planning with indigenous communities; improving extractive industries through better governance; uplifting suppressed minorities; improving social services delivery, Iván approaches each opportunity collaboratively, with sensitivity to cultures, religions, ethnicities and genders and true local needs. Coming himself from a refugee background, his empathy towards displaced populations is exemplified through his facilitation with humanitarian and disaster response programmes, conflict mitigation as well as human trafficking publications. Iván is the Director of Ethnobureaucratica and is on the Editorial Board of the Pakistan Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies.